Young Activist & Philanthropist Gives Solace To Less Privileged

 Kema Pumagoi, an 18 year old activist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, born and raised in Bo city Sierra Leone. After schooling in Sierra Leone, she took her academic pursuit to the USA, where she made Sierra Leone proud. With her exemplary performance in academic work, she is now poised to get in to the Dental hygiene program, with the aim of becoming a Dental Hygienist. Visiting her home town, Bo, this young philanthropist donated assorted items to her compatriots in Bo and encouraged others to join herb to save and make life getter for others, who are less privileged.

Coming from a caring and loving extended family, with charity and giving to others the order of the day, Kema imbibed the culture of giving and this has been a motivating factor in her life.

“By giving, you’re doing so much more and are actually saving lives and changing them at the same time. I’ve been doing charity, volunteering ever since I was a little girl, and that’s all thanks to my parents because they taught me that at an early age, and now I’m used to giving to others and not being greedy. Sharing in our family is part of our social nature as human beings, and is believed to be the development of human relationships,” she said.

Kema Pumagoi’s motivation for activism came from her experience with other activists, including her Mom.

“I’ve seen people like my mom, my aunties, cousins, grandma, and other very brave women speak up for their voices to be heard about ways we can make the world a much more better place…….being a philanthropist is donating time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world. My family is so involved in helping people, charity works, volunteering, and we believe in the spirit of giving as we’re blessing and changing lives”, she furthered.

She donated clothes and other items to the less privileged in Africa every two months and has since continued. She is urging others to give to the less privileged, as by so doing they will be getting more, as well as the satisfaction of seeing others happy. She furthered that age does not matter, what is done for a fellow human being is what gives the feeling of fulfillment. She furthered that the thing about giving is that it is all about changing lives in a positive way.

“it’s all about helping to change lives in a positive way, it’s all about being a good role model for the little brother, sister, cousin, or neighbor who looks up to you. You don’t have to be a certain age to be a good person; it has nothing to do with age but EVERYTHING to do with YOU!”

Below are the donated items:

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