With three years wasted…

No hiding Place for Bio’s Misdirection

‘All tin don rotten en tumbu jus dae comot pa d direction’

Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio has been struggling to present his report card to the citizenry using radio and television medium within the city of Freetown. President Bio’s interview on 98.1 good morning salone program, as well as the ones on the African Young Voices and Star TV, were more of a comedy show, as if the President was never prepared.

In giving his stewardship of his three years in office, President Julius Maada Bio was unable to tell the masses about any tangible development his government has brought, but was rather flip flopping on air, trivializing very important issues of corruption brought up for his reaction.

Out of over 500 promises in his ‘‘SLPP New Direction Manifesto’’, it appears that President Bio has bit more than he can chew. Most of his promises to the nation are yet to be realised, yet he wants Sierra Leoneans to give him another chance.

Since elected as President of Sierra Leone in 2018, President Bio has been unable to stabilize the economy or bring in any turn around that will positively impact on the lives of the ordinary Sierra Leoneans. The country’s economic situation has become so worse that his current Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa has gone missing in action. Saffa’s economic theories has done more harm than good, since he was appointed as minister three years ago. The country’s legal tender, which is the Leone has gone down the drain, depreciating to the extent that there is nothing good to write home about it.

Before taking the mantle of leadership in April 2018, President Bio met the exchange rate between Le 750,000 to $100 (United States dollars). Barely three years in office, the dollar has continually appreciated whilst the Leone keeps plummeting. Today, Over One million Leones is the equivalent to One Hundred United States dollars. Prices of commodities keep skyrocketing day in, day out to the extent that Sierra Leoneans are finding it difficult to get just one square meal a day. Electricity under the new direction is so rotten that nothing new has been put in place. If you don’t have an intermittent electricity supply, you could go days without having electricity. The SLPP, whilst in opposition, condemned the Karpowership project, which was initiated by the previous government. Today, the same project which they had condemned is the major life support for the supply of electricity within the city of Freetown. Water Facility remains a challenge under the current government. President Bio, whilst in opposition, saw all those challenges but promised to fix them if elected as President. Sierra Leoneans are so tired with the countless excuses by the Bio government, blaming the previous government for everything. ‘‘This blame game is enough,” said a  seasoned politician from the main opposition APC, who wished to be anonymous. He added, ‘‘You were in opposition but promised to fix Sierra Leone. You promised us a ‘’New Direction’’ not knowing you were going to take us to the worse direction. Everything under this direction is just a misdirection. The entire system is not working, so we are tired of blaming the previous government. It is better we bring back the APC to power, but to allow the SLPP for another second term will be a big monumental blunder to our conscience.” It could also be recalled that President Bio had condemned the embezzlement of Ebola funds by officials in the previous government, but now he has appointed one official, Charles Mambu, who was found wanting for misappropriating Ebola funds and was ordered to pay back the money.      

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