With Le200M Up For Grabs…

Orange SL Inspires School Brass Bands

On Saturday 10 th April 2021, Orange SL officially launched its latest

promotion dubbed the Inter Secondary School Brass Band

Competition. This is to provide opportunity to school brass bands

across the country to show case their talents and win big prizes.

Speaking at the occasion, Head of Marketing Orange Sierra Leone,

Martha Sumaila, expressed joy in seeing the number of school brass

bands gather at the Victoria Park in central Freetown and process to

the National Stadium for the big launching ceremony. She disclosed

that this is the first ever inter Secondary School Brass Band

Competition that is being organised in the country and that Orange

has taken the lead in this venture. She told the participants that the

idea of the competition is to get the various brass bands to show

case their talents and make their schools proud. She stressed that it

is going to be a battle to show case their talents and bring sanity and

relief to the country after a long period of COVID-19. It is designed to

make people feel at ease and relaxed. She maintained that music is a

means of communication and interaction with their numerous


In her brief statement, Mrs. Annie Wonie Katta, Head of Media,

Orange SL, reiterated the point that the competition is to give the

various brass bands the opportunity to show case their talents and

make their schools proud. As in any competition, there are always

winners, she admonished the participants to embrace each other,

even those who may not become the eventual winners.

Disclosing the prizes that are up for grabs, Wonie Katta said that the

First prize is one hundred million Leones for male and one hundred

million Leones for female, stressing that the competition will be free

and fair. She expressed appreciation to the various head of the

schools that will be participating, adding that this will encourage the

development of music among youths.

Dr. Crispin George of C and K Marketing, a partner of Orange SL in

this venture, expressed appreciation also to the school authorities

for allowing their school brass bands to take part in the competition.

He said that this move is to further encourage the development of

brass music in the country. This venture he dubbed as the National

Festival of Brass. He furthered that they are partnering with Orange

to improve the brass bands in the country and the entertainment

industry in general. They are also doing it to promote youth

development by supporting brass bands of schools. It is not a do or

die affairs, but to compete and represent their schools nationally.

In this competition, Forty (40) schools are competing for two

hundred million Leones: One hundred million Leones for the male

and one hundred million Leones for female. The schools are Bo

School, C.K.C, Government Model Secondary School, P.O.W, F.S.S.G,

Annie Walsh, MGHS and many more.

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