With Crisis In APC & Failures Of SLPP…

Prince Macauley May Replace Bio  

Whilst the main opposition party is plagued with challenges that have hindered its election of a flagbearer and executive, coupled with the many Court matters that are on-going, and the failure of the ruling SLPP to alleviate the suffering of the people, many citizens say that the way is being paved for a third force, in the person of Prince Jacob Macauley, one of the country’s finest Economist, to emerge victor in the coming 2023 Presidential Election.

It could be recalled that since the appointment of the Bank Governor, Prince Macauley had regularly advised on the many policies undertaken by the governor, most of which he had totally condemned as counter-productive. And social, as well as political commentators have all noticed that Prince Macauley had been right in his condemnation of the policies of the Bank Governor.

Prince Macauley had intimated that the redenomination of the country’s currency will be dead on arrival, and today, after all the efforts made at ensuring that the new Leone enhances the desired result of revamping the economy, it resulted in crippling the economy. Moves to restrict the withdrawal of cash from the commercial banks proved counter-productive, and plunged the country into more economic hardship. Macauley also advised against the auction of the dollar, but his advices fell on deaf ears, and today, the exchange rate of the dollar has skyrocketed, causing the prices of basic commodities to rise exponentially.

After all the hardship that citizens are facing that have brought the country’s economy to its knees, many people see in Prince Macauley the potential to transform the country and create better job opportunities for youths. Macauley had intimated that it is time that young people take up the challenge to transform the country, and can only do so after the old folks with their old ideas give way to the young. Macauley believes that as a young man, he is au fait with the problems of the youths, and can proffer solutions that will address youth unemployment and woo investments in the country.

Having worked in reputable organizations like the FAO and other UN related agencies, with close allies in the financial sector across the globe, notably in the World Bank, Macauley believes that he could tap on such friendship for the betterment of the nation, but could not readily do so now, with cronies bent on carrying their own personal agendas.

With respect to the APC, many Sierra Leoneans are worried that the party may not be able to provide a strong force to take on the Bio-led government that has become most unpopular, due to its handling of the economic situation in the country. Sierra Leoneans are tired of the two main political parties that have ruled this country since independence, and believe that it is now time to try a third force. The two main parties have virtually turned the country’s highest seat into a musical chair, where they sit on the throne by turn; and over all these years, there has been nothing tangible to show for their stewardship. He furthered that at a time like this, citizens should not be advocating for water, good roads, electricity, food etc, they should be yearning for technological improvement that will catapult the country into the limelight of economic prosperity and development. Macauley lamented that up to date, citizens are still struggling for electricity and water. He maintained that with the cooperation of the youths in transforming their lives, the country can embark on development projects that can transform the economy and usher in an era of growth. He stressed that he will be providing the relevant prudent economic policies that will bring about a turnaround of the economy and see a complete change in the lives of people. Many citizens say that instead of voting for the SLPP to continue the current economic hardship, they will vote for a new party, especially if the crisis in the APC continues. Young people need to decide what happens with their lives, and Prince Macauley is prepared to provide this environment.

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