Why we must celebrate the Security Sector

President Bio’s Security Intelligence Unit is very tough, proactive and strong to counter any security issue. Those occupying the different positions within the security sector are people who have vast experience and the requisite qualifications on security matters.

Security intelligence sector in any country are always on standby to gather intelligence, process them and act on them when the need arises. We should know that Sierra Leone is not a police state, wherein the security sector will go after people for expressing their rights to free speech. What we should be concerned about is how information gathered are being assessed, processed and acted upon. It is my candid opinion that we should be celebrating the good work of the security sector rather than discrediting them.

Sierra Leone is a peaceful country and therefore people should be careful of what they say or put out on social media.

There are tools used in gathering, processing, and formulating of policies in information gathering on security issues. The different security sectors in the country have been very proactive. The ONS, Police, Military and other organs have been very proactive in handling the security sector. A President of any nation cannot and will never appoint people to be in charge of the security sector that he does not have trust and confidence in. To say that the security sector is undermining President Bio could be one of the cheapest propaganda that can be spewed on social and traditional media. The incident of August 10 is not a novelty to Sierra Leone. There have been reported cases of such in other countries, and in any democratic state, you don’t expect the security sector to put out or institute policies and decisions that could be considered undemocratic. Asking the President to change his security team is not a good advice. I have seen the head of the Office of National Security, Abdulai Caulker, demonstrate high professionalism in handling security issues. The work of the ONS in handling national security needs not be overemphasized. We are all aware of the fact that even great nations in the west have got scenarios where their security has faced serious setbacks. Those setbacks do not necessarily mean that they have not been on top of situations, but that they are unable to forestall certain things, because it does not always fall on them to be responsible for such skirmishes. The August 10 skirmishes to me, was not as easy to handle. The security sector was able to put measures in place to ensure that internal and external securities are on standby. What happened was unfortunate, and could not be blamed on the security sector. Let us don’t forget that we have democratic international organizations, who are on the ground playing watchdog roles on how and what we do, including the measures we put in place. Blaming the security sector for what happened on August 10, to me, has no legs to stand on. The role played by the different security apparatus in the country has been a blessing to us as a nation. There are countries in the world whose security sector is weak, and today are in a state of instability, because of poor and ineffective security sector. What we have in Sierra Leone could not be described as poor or ineffective security sector. After all, the Police, Military, ONS and other security agencies are not just doing their work to ensure the public enjoy calmness, peace and quietness in their lives, but are very proactive in the discharge of their functions.

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