Why The Public Should Appreciate PRA

The Petroleum Regulatory Agency, which is charged with the responsibility of regulating the petroleum sector, has been doing extremely well in ensuring the availability of petroleum products in the market.The PRA, under the astute leadership of Dr. Brima Balowa Koroma, is on record for doing the good work, which was lacking years back. Since appointed to head the PRA, Dr. Balowa Koroma has opened up the sector by inviting more players to come in and invest. Today, PRA is doing its regulatory and monitoring work in ensuring that oil marketing companies and dealers go by the laws regulating the industry. Sierra Leone today is blessed to have a man whose vision to see sanity within the oil sector becomes a reality. The active role played by PRA before the recent price increment on fuel is something the public should understand, rather than taking it out of context. PRA, according to our investigation, was able to suppress the increment of petroleum products above Le 15,000 per liter. Even at that price, Sierra Leone remains among the few countries in Africa selling fuel at a cheaper rate. Nigeria, which is part of the oil producing family, was faced with serious fuel crisis recently. There was strike and protests in Nigeria, with flights being unable to get their usual quota of fuel. Thanks be to God the Sierra Leone situation was not worse like that of Nigeria. It will interest readers to know that if not for the decisive and exemplary leadership of the PRA Boss, the price of fuel could have been increased to Le 18,000 per litre. It is clear to all and sundry that Sierra Leone is not producing oil, and the public should appreciate and see the PRA as a regulator with a difference. Other countries are finding it difficult to manage the situation. But with PRA, fuel shortage has never been an issue; it is just that people were hoarding fuel. PRA, in one of its usual releases, gave strong warning to oil marketing companies and dealers to desist from hoarding or risk being fined fifty million Leones. This made oil marketing companies and dealers to open their stations and continue to sell to the public at the government official price of Le 12,000 per litre. Now that the pump price of fuel has been increased to Le 15,000, the public should be able to understand that the government played a great role in trying to salvage the situation, which is the reason why we should appreciate PRA.

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