Why is NP Jittery over APP

The National Petroleum Sierra Leone (NP-SL), whose operation within the oil industry is only limited to buying of petroleum products from importing companies is jittery over the arrival of All Petroleum Products ( APP), known to be another company that has what it takes to liberalize the oil industry.

Before the arrival of APP, NP-SL and Leon Oil, who are the two major companies in Sierra Leone, have never imported any petroleum products, other than buying from Petroleum Importing Companies. It is understood that the arrival of APP, which is known to be a credible, serious and vibrant oil company, has worried both NP-SL and Leon Oil, as Sierra Leone oil industry will now be open for more players.

NP-SL, according to our investigation, does not have the facility that is being installed by APP and therefore is jittery that APP’s presence in Sierra Leone will make both NP and Leon Oil moribund in their operations.

APP has been given a concession by the government of Sierra Leone to operate and manage the old and defunct oil refinery at kissy dock yard, an area which was known to be the shelter for creatures and harmful reptiles. Since the government of Sierra Leone gave concession to APP to develop the old and defunct oil refinery, the entire complex is now an enviable area, as serious work is on-going. From a snappy visit paid at the APP site, it is very clear that APP is here to stay, as their investment, which amounts to over thirty million dollars, speaks volume of a credible and serious company. NP-SL is therefore jittery, and as a result of that have been sponsoring negative media bashing against APP, PRA and the government.

The secret behind the operations of NP-SL will be exposed in our next edition, as well as those behind the company, who are known to be politicians belonging to another political class. It will interest readers to know that the fuel NP-SL usually gets is on credit from Addax.

More to come in our next edition..

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