UTB in Le 265 million scam

Investigation mounted by this medium has revealed that one Ibrahim, a staff of the Union Trust Bank, Kissy branch, is in police custody over allegation of Le265 million deposit slip believed to have been deposited at the said bank by, Skinny, the errand boy of a popular Businessman, Amadu Bah that has simply disappeared into thin air. During the course of our investigation, the bank had denied knowledge of any tampering of the customer’s money, but agreed that the police should go on with their investigation.

According to sources, Amadu Bah is a regular customer of the UTB Kissy Branch, and said to be frustrated after it was discovered that out of a deposit of over nine hundred million Leones made into his account, the sum of Le265 million is unaccounted for, as the voucher slips for the other amount were produced, but the voucher for the Le265 million was not produced, allegedly gone missing.

It is understood that the money in question, which was placed in sealed polythene bag from Bah’s business place, was taken to the UTB Kissy Branch at Eastern Freetown to be deposited into his account. It was disclosed that the said deposit consisted of several days of sales done by the businessman, and whilst making the deposit with several deposit slips to cover four days of business transactions, Bah’s errand boy, commonly called ‘Skinny’, is said to have prepared the voucher deposit slips in collaboration with one UTB cashier by the name of Ibrahim. What came out from that was that the money in one of its parcel is said to have a surplus of Le 10, also known in the past as Le 10,000, which prompted the cashier to ask Bah’s errand boy, Skinny, to ensure another deposit voucher slip is prepared, whilst the previous one with the surplus of Le 10 be discarded. This, according to investigation, led to a situation wherein Bah’s errand boy, upon leaving the bank, collected the other deposit slips, leaving behind the one slip which was alleged to have been the one on which the two hundred and sixty five million Leones, now a subject of investigation, was recorded.

Skinny is said to have taken along some of the other voucher slips, forgetting the one upon which the two hundred and sixty five million Leones was recorded. Upon arrival at his work place, Skinny later discovered that he had forgotten the said deposit slip and had wanted to go back to the bank, but it was already late. This, according to investigation, was brought to the attention of Amadu Bah, who took his time to go through the CCTV footage at his business place to ascertain that the entire cash for deposit was sealed in accordance with his directives. He then discovered that the money was packed and placed in a sealed polythene bag, after being counted by his staff at his business place, before transportation to the bank.

Bah therefore approached the UTB Kissy Branch, demanding that the bank trace the missing voucher slip, but that his concern as a customer was not addressed by the bank. In his submission to the bank, Bah demanded that the bank go through their own (the Bank’s) CCTV footage to ascertain who collected the deposit slip, but the bank told him that they had no CCTV camera in operation at the bank. It begs the question as to whether the Union Trust Bank, which is supposed to know that the use of CCTV camera is one among many security measures that is always in place in banks to safe guard customers monies, and its absence is a cause for concern, is a million dollar question that the UTB management is unable to answer.

In an effort to cross-check with the bank, Times-SL Newspaper contacted the UTB Head Quarter through a cell phone number 077-713533 on Thursday, 1st September, 2022. A lady’s voice received the call (a bank staff), and during our conversation, the issue was brought to the attention of the lady, who then told this medium on the phone that the bank will respond before the close of that very day. To our dismay, we never received any call from the bank. We then tried again to contact the bank, using the same number, which is printed on the UTB Headquarters letterhead, but to no avail, as there was no response. On Friday, 2nd September, we tried to contact the same number and discovered that our number has been blocked, preventing us from reaching the UTB official line. We therefore used another phone line to contact the bank on Friday, and discovered that the number was active, as the line was ringing persistently, but no one picked the call.

From our investigation, we are of the view that the UTB Head Quarters is hiding something from the media, hence the reason they have been dodging the press.

More details in our subsequent editions…


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