Two Love Birds On The Run

The Sierra Leone Police has declared Mohamed Kapre Koroma and wife, Kadijatu Bah wanted for apparently playing a part in the August 10th riot that led to the death of six police officers and many civilians.
Police reported that the police officers were murdered in cold blood and a number of civilians also lost their lives in Freetown and other strongholds of the main opposition, the All People’s Congress, (APC).
According to report, Mohamed Kapre Koroma and Kadijatu Bah were identiffy and named as members of a social media group called, “People’s Power in Politics” who apparently perpetrated the violence that led to the complete break down of law and order in the capital city another parts of the country.
Already, a number of suspects have been arrested and detained whilst others are on the run including Mohamed and Kadijatu whose house at 42 Ferry Road, Off Aberdeen Road in Freetown was raided many times, creating serious panic in that community.

It was also reported that two of them, that is Mohamed and Kadijatu were ring leaders of (PPP) who have triggered the violence protest in Makeni, Port Loko, Karene, Freetown and along others.
According to police report, search was conducted at the resident of Mr and Mrs. Koroma but was discovered that both have already left and currently on the run.
Several efforts have been made by the police to track them down to help them in their investigation before they were declared wanted.
According to information, the families of Mr and Mrs. are now worry if their children are still alive as many have been reported dead during the August 10 riot and that the government of Sierra Leone is now calling on family members to come at the Cannaught hospital to identify their relatives.
The security sector is been accused for secret killings of those they passive to have played a part in the protest.

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