Triad Engineering Company Ltd Unveils Almon Sall As Brand Ambassador

By Mackie M. Jalloh

On Wednesday 12th October 2022, at a press conference held at Bai Bureh Road, Freetown, the Triad Engineering Company officially unveiled its new Brand Ambassador, Almon Sall.

In his opening remarks, Chairman of the occasion stated that the gathering was a two in one programme, as the Trial Engineering is disclosing its strategic plan from 2019 t0 2025 and also the unveiling of its Brand Ambassador. He furthered that with the myriad of challenges in the development of Sierra Leone, the Trial Engineering is working hard to ease things and help Sierra Leoneans.

Alhaji Amadu Sesay, Operations and Managing Director of Triad Engineering Company Ltd, said that the company was registered in 2017 and recently unveiled the Real Estate Investment Fund, where people can register and be part of the company. He furthered that the company has in various ways supported the development of the country, and has been involved in helping Sierra Leoneans to build, furnish, and complete unfinished houses. They have also contributed to buying land and constructing houses at an interest rate of 30%.

Alhaji Amadu continued that the company’s strategic plan for 2020-2025 has been developed in such a way that they are able to access funds from Commercial banks, which they then use to help Sierra Leoneans build houses. Thus with the performance bond held with the various banks, an individual is able to recover his cash, in the event that the company is unable to fulfill its commitment to its clients.

He also said that today they called on this press conference to clear the air and to make Sierra Leoneans know the good job they are doing to help the layman.

He mentioned that they are presently in negotiation with the ministry of lands to give them 100,000 hectares of land, which they will invest for the future of all Sierra Leoneans.

Director of Real Estate Investment Trust, Patrick David Kallon, said that the managing director has said lots of what he wanted to say, but he will add just a little to the facts already explained. He maintained that the credibility of the company can be seen in their activities with the First lady’s development drive, rehabilitation of the Rokupa Hospital, and also served as sub-contractor in kono. Patrick continued that investment is key and also helps the future of individuals, as it also helps greatly in the development of mortgage skills. He encouraged Sierra Leoneans to invest and save their future and their kids.

He furthered that they also work on installation of solar system, doing boreholes and more. Patrick said that they want the public to know about what they are doing, as they are here to help. He concluded that they still need the government to focus on them, as they are working with the Sierra Leone Police, which tells how secure and real they are and that no one should be afraid to invest with them.

On his own part, Brand Ambassador, Almon Sall, expressed happiness in becoming their Brand Ambassador, adding that he was one of the participants in the Housemate Salone 2022. He furthered that one of the reasons he fell for the company is the assurance of building a platforms for the future, disclosing that on arrival at the company, he was impressed with the workforce, which comprised mainly of young staff.

Almon Sall also thanked his dad, fans, members of the forth estate and everyone who helped and supported him to reach this point. He concludes by thanking the management of Real Estate and Traid Engineering for choosing him as their Brand Ambassador.

Representative from Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, John Kamara, disclosed that Trial is a trusted customer, and assured residents of Triad’s credibility, assuring that the bond that the bank has for Triad could off-set any claim.

One of the beneficiaries of their Mortgage and Real Estate Investment Trust Scheme, Mohamed Charlie Mahoi, in his own statement about Triad Engineering Company, said that before doing business with them he embarked on fact finding about the company, and after convinced about the credibility of the company, invested some Le10 million, furthering that construction work at his land at Allen town is on-going, an action that started barely a week after paying some 30% to the company. He expressed joy that at the end of the day, he is going to be the proud owner of a three bedroom furnished house at Allen Town, which he will be paying the remaining 70% by installment to the company. He admonished people to trust the company, and thanked them for coming to Sierra Leone and doing this wonderful and great job.

The programme was climax with a Question and Answer session.

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