Tombo Skirmishes…

Youth Adviser Osman Kargbo declared wanted

By Thaimu Thullah

Osman Kargbo, Youth Adviser in Tombo Community has been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police following the skirmishes that took place within the community that led to the destruction of lives and properties.
Kargbo, a painter residing at 25 Wharf road, Tombo, Western rural District was mercilessly beaten by police officers and placed in detention.

Times SL gathered that the ugly incident emanated from a decision taken by the Western Rural District Council alongside the Ministry of Fisheries to stop the operations of local fishermen and limit the number of local fishing vessels to 15 that were allowed to go out fishing. The decision was however questioned by the local fishermen because how can a wharf which has over five hundred local fishing boats is limited to only allow 15 boats to go out? This aggravated serious arguments which led to a confrontation between security forces and youth within the community. Police Station and other buildings were burnt down.
In an interview with some of the community stakeholders, they told Times SL Newspaper that Osman Kargbo was identified by the SLPP Chairman in Tombo Michael K Benga alongside party supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party. They said, the gentleman was not around when the skirmishes took place but because he is known to be Community Youth Adviser, he was misrepresented as not playing any role to have clam down the angry youth. He was therefore arrested, beaten, and lockup in police detention.
When the news of Kargbo’s arrest, manhandled and detention spread across the community, the youth decided to take the law into their hands and secure the release of their youth adviser.
Since then, Kargbo’s whereabouts remained unknown.
The Police in a press release declared Osman Kargbo alongside others wanted and placed ransom on their heads.

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