Times Reporter in Turkey Declared Wanted in Sierra Leone

A senior reporter of The Times SL Newspaper, Mohamed Faldu Bah nickname (Inspector Bah)who was sent to Turkey for an undercover investigation has been declared wanted in Sierra Leone following the August 10 protest that claimed the lives of some police officers and civilians.
Times SL gathered that the government of President Julius Maada Bio has among its list of wanted persons the names of Mohamed Faldu Bah, a senior reporter of The Times SL. Bah, according to an investigation in Freetown, was placed on the list of wanted persons following the August 10 protest that resulted into serious skirmishes. Before leaving for Turkey, Bah has been writing critical stories about the Bio Government and is also known to be a leading broadcast journalist working for critical electronic media in the east ( Citizens Radio FM 103.7). His usual program on that radio has been earmarked by supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party Government as one of the sympathizers of the opposition. It could be recalled that Bah has also been labeled to be APC even though he has never joined any political party in his entire life. Whilst in Turkey doing an undercover investigation about a criminal cartel engaged in human and drug trafficking in Turkey, Bah’s name appeared on the list of wanted persons for the August 10 skirmishes. Bah’s home in calaba town which is located in the east has been raided by police and military officers on several occasions. His office in central Freetown has also come under serious attack by the security forces. Information is that Bah’s online interview with the Manager of Citizens Radio, Ali Bai Kamara on the 11th August, about his opinion about what happened on the 10th August protest was taken out of context by supporters of the ruling government when he stated that the right to peaceful protest is guaranteed by the country’s 1991 Constitution as well as international treaties and convention for which Sierra Leone is a signatory. Sierra Leone under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio is not safe for critical journalists. The rights to free speech has gone under serious attack as evidence on the massive arrest and detentions of human rights activists. Just few days after the August 10 protest, a civil rights activist who is also a member of the main opposition party was gunned down in Makeni. Hassan Dumbuya aka as Evangelist Samson died after he was shot on his heart by security forces. The current situation in Sierra Leone reminds one of the dark days wherein democracy was absent. Today, journalists, civil society activists have been muzzled with some are afraid of expressing their rights to Free Speech. Bah falls among the list of critical journalists who have been holding the Bio government accountable. He is a decent journalist who hardly hurt a fly but is very effective in his duty as one of our investigative journalists.
Times SL Newspaper is therefore alerting the local and international mediums to know that one of our senior reporters who is presently in Turkey doing an undercover investigation has been declared wanted by the Government following the August 10 protest.
Sierra Leone is presently hell for critical voices as prominent names have been targeted with others killed right in their houses by security forces loyal to the government.
In our last contact with Bah in Turkey, we discovered that our senior reporter is unable to complete his investigation because some members of the SLPP residing in Turkey are also looking for him. Bah is reported of trying to escape to Greece but Times SL is yet to know his present location.
We want the International community to know that one of our senior reporters presently in Turkey is on the verge of heading to Greece in trying to escape the wrath of desperate SLPP Members who want him dead or alive.

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