Time to withdraw from the SLFA Election

As Isha Johansen becomes Member of THE FIFA COUNCIL..

Isha Johansen is controversial, vindictive and manipulative, but she is also a smart fighter. She has somehow magically manipulated her way to becoming the most powerful woman in African Football, beating Lydia Nsereka of Burundi to become the only African Female Representative of the FIFA COUNCIL, the most powerful Body after the FIFA CONGRESS in Global Football.

She won with the support of Infantino and Motsepe by a very narrow margin, beating her opponent by 28-24 votes. She had beaten the same opponent for the CAF seat in 2017 by 35-12 votes.

The numbers notwithstanding, Isha has done extremely well and should be commended, but now she should do the Honourable thing and withdraw from the SLFA ELECTIONS.

In her 7 years as President of Sierra Leone FA, a period dented by so many unfortunate circumstances, and an absolute failed leadership, Isha is now fighting the Government of the day as well as the members of the association.

She has lost the midas touch and is unable to influence the committees she hand-picked to oversee the electoral process. She has lost all respect domestically, even after winning her CAF elections.

The appropriate thing and most Honourable decision now for Isha Johansen would be to walk away now that she is at the top of the ladder and a major voice in Global Leadership

Any other decision will be a risky option that could reference her as a desperate power hungry selfish woman, who desires power and influence at all cost.

It is normally advised in football that it is best to leave when at the top of your game to avoid being hounded off the pitch for one reason or the other.

Leave now Isha; you leave with your respect and integrity intact. Wait for the elections and you are beaten, you leave with humiliation. Any other option could also be embarrassing.

You are a smart lady, be smart and wise and take this as a genuine advice.

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