China Railway Seventh Group has been operating in Sierra Leone for more than a decade, and has completed so many high quality projects on time that are not limited to the below listed:

i.        Regent to Grafton and Kossor Town road

ii.       Construction of the 35 km Makeni-Matotoka highway

iii.      The Bo-Kenema Highway

iv.      Port Loko-Lungi road

v.       Juba Bridge

vi.      Savage Bridge

vii.     The Wilkinson Road and Spur Road

viii. The Wellington – Masiaka highway

ix. China-aid Project of Foreign Service Academy Building

However, CRSG has not limited itself to construction, but further incorporated citizens into their operations and activities to achieve harmonious coexistence with the local communities, the company actively improves the living conditions of the community residents, including repairing roads, fence, constructing wells and providing water supply facilities, assisting in building community centres, constructing school buildings, supplying education materials and sport facilities.

Moreover, the company is active in providing training for willing, able, and qualified Sierra Leonean employees with new modern skills in road construction, highway operation and administration, equipping them with the requisite skills that will earn them a better life and enable them to perform adequately in different working fields.

In 2018 and 2019, more than 40 key employees were sent to China for training in expressway operation and management, civil engineering and administration, which has exposed and given young Sierra Leoneans first-hand experience, and widen their knowledge towards the relationship between China and Sierra Leone. CRSG has always reiterated its commitment in working with Sierra Leonean nationals in an atmosphere of resilience, and brotherly love that will enhance a win-win situation with dedication to developing Sierra Leone through a variety of programs. Therefore, let’s make it ready to welcome more and more responsible and willing companies like CRSG to work with us in boosting our economy.

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