The Jaffa Zeighr & Leon Oil Saga…

Civil Rights Coalition Issues 7 Day Ultimatum

A human right organization in the country has warned that they will start exposing persons who are believed to be snitches in the on-going saga between Jaffa Zeighr and Leon Oil.

This disclosure was made by the Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition (SLCRC) on Monday 14th June at the Headquarters of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), calling on the persons in question to desist, noting that they (SLCRC) will be left with no less an option than to name them.

“We believe the president has a good vision for the development of this nation and therefore we want to let the public known that the case between Jaffa Zeighr and Leon Oil is a matter we have been following and we are giving 7 days ultimatum to those trying to influence the matter to desist or we shall be left with no alternative but to name those invisible hands behind this matter,” they stated.

Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition is a leading Civil Society Organization charged with the functions and responsibilities of protecting the fundamental human rights of each and every Sierra Leoneans.

The Executive Director of SLCRC, Alphonso Manley said SLCRC is on record to have championed cases of such nature in the past and that they will continue to monitor cases of human rights violation which they strongly believe are among burning issues affecting Sierra Leoneans.

He disclosed that they have been monitoring the matter in court between Jaffa Zeighr and Leon Oil Company for which some politicians and some senior government officials have been trying to influence the said matter.

SLCRC stated that the delay in dispensing justice by the Sierra Leone Judiciary has been one of the burning issues affecting Sierra Leoneans.

“We have observed that the illegal and unlawful detention of Jaffa by the police is based on instruction from so called ‘orders from above’,” they stated.

SLCRC Communications Manager, TambaDeen-Kamara maintained that the act is one which is not only undermining the good work of President Julius Maada Bio but also a violation of the rights of others.

He continued that they strongly believe that the Fast Track Commercial Court was established to address issues of such nature with companies which should be expedited without delay as it is happening in other courts.

“Therefore, SLCRC is urging the Sierra Leone Judiciary as well as authorities concern alongside International Donor Partners to take note of these concerns which are considered to be an impediment to justice, we want the government to know that the delay in dispensing justice especially on issues or cases that has connection to investors on investment companies will negatively affect the growth of business investment in the country and we want the government to put all mechanisms in place in addressing some of these issues,” they called.

They also noted with special concern the proactive work of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) and called on the agency to remain focus in doing their job as they have been doing over the years.

“On the current issue between Jaffa and Leon Oil, we observed that the presiding judge has been doing extremely well in handling the case but the delay to dispense justice is as a result of political pressure for which we will soon name and shame those top political figures who are trying to suppress the judiciary from doing their work,” They warned.

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