Sulaiman Bangura Narrowly Escapes Death By Fire

Reports reaching this medium reveal that on 15th June 2018, a 22-year-old young man by the name of Sulaiman Bangura, of 77 Freetown Road, Lumley, believed to be a gay man, was dumped into a room in the surburbs of Lumley, and set on fire by family members of his partner, Abubakarr Bangura.

According to sources in the area, Sulaiman Bangura was caught by family members of his partner, Abubakarr Bangura, in a nearby club at Lumley, in Western Freetown, in a compromising position. Eye witnesses say that they saw the family members of his partner beating both of them, and attempts to mediate between them proved futile, as the family members took Sulaiman with them via a commercial vehicle, but did not know where they took him. They furthered that they had, on several occasions, seen both young men together in the club, and in some cases, at the Lumley Beach, but had no idea that they were gay, until the family members of Abubakarr disclosed, during their mediation effort, that they were involved in the practice of same sex.

Further probing on the matter, this medium engaged residents around the home of Abubakarr, where the fire incident took place, and it was revealed by one close family friend that the family of Abubakarr had got information of this relationship between their son and Sulaiman, and had warned both of them about the said act, vowing to teach them a lesson they will not forget in a hurry. Both young men had denied having any such relationship, and Sulaiman was banned from visiting Abubakarr.

According to the family Friend, who volunteered to talk to us on the basis of anonymity, he was in the vicinity when the family of Abubakarr surfaced with Sulaiman in a commercial vehicle, and dragged him into the house. Curious to know what was happening, he followed them at a distance, and observed that after severely beating Sulaiman, he was thrown into a room, locked up and oil thrown on him and set on fire. As Sulaiman shouted in agony for help, some residents in the area, including him, rushed to the scene, breaking open the door to the room. Upon seeing an available escape route, Sulaiman is said to have rushed out of the room with fire on his hand, due to the oil that was thrown on him, and disappeared into the night.

As news of this incident filtered into the ears of family members of Sualaiman and youths in his area, they went in search of him. It was also disclosed that the said search was not to save him, but to also deal with him, as his family see his action as taboo and a very big disgrace to the family. Youths pursuing him were angry that a gay was in their midst and wanted to lynch him.

Investigation mounted by this medium revealed that Sulaiman comes from a very strong Muslim background, and the practice of gay in both Islamic and Christian faiths in the country, is seen as demonic and should not be encouraged. Furthermore, the practice of Gay in Sierra Leone is illegal, and anyone caught in such activity, faces life imprisonment. As for those caught by members of the community, they are beaten mercilessly, and often die in the process. No one is held responsible, as it is seen as good riddance. Even known activists for legalizing gay have been subjected to harassment, and death threats made against them. Some have been killed, as they are seen as encouraging demonic practice in the country.

Meanwhile, as we go to press, no action has been taken against family members of Abubakarr for setting Sulaiman on fire, and currently the whereabouts of Sulaiman is still unknown, as his family members have also vowed to kill him if he turns up at the house. All known hideouts have been searched by the police and family members of both parties, but their efforts have all proved futile. Currently, Sulaiman has been declared wanted by the Police, and he is also facing death threats from both families and residents in the community.

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