State House witch-hunt against Freetown Mayor Exposed

A letter written by the former director of the State House Intelligence Unit, Bernard Tarawally, speaks volume of the hatched plan by the Bio SLPP Government to go after the elected Mayor of the Freetown Municipality. The letter, which was dated 9th January 2020, was addressed to the Chief Minister, Professor David J. Francis, about a donation of ten million Leones from the personal account of the mayor to her political party (APC) as donation. That donation became a subject of political interest by State House, to the extent that a whole letter was drafted by the Director of State House Intelligence Unit, an illegal unit set up and established by President Bio after dissolving ECAFU.

For ease of reference please go through the letter…

9th January 2020


Mr. Bernard Tarawally

State House

To: The Chief Minister

Office of the Chief Minister

State House

Ref: Ahead of the two day APC ‘Convention’ in Port Loko, January 10th instant, Mayor of Freetown, Y. Aki-Sawyerr donates Leones 10 million to APC from her personal account

Sub-Ref:  Mayor’s ‘Munificence’ although a private matter, was touted publically impacting on her public office bringing disrepute to FCC

Dear Sir,

The political donation to the APC, in the financial amount of ten million Leones, by Mayor Aki-Sawyerr, Freetown City Council, though a private donation, was engineered in such a manner by her public relations cronies, that the entire matter has become public knowledge which has brought derision to the FCC.

Whilst the City’s infrastructure crumbles and floods, landslides, homeless destitution and poverty beset our capital, the hash tag Twitter Mayor (#TransformFreetown) uses her position to score petty political points in the name and for benefit of the APC and their imminent Port Loko Convention.

Mayor Aki-Sawyerr’s  ‘private donation’ was wilfully magnified in the public domain within her Local Government employment context and is all the more deplorable when her actions were deliberately publicised by her social media savvy cronies who took to publicising further the mayor’s political munificence to the APC.

Without a doubt, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development at appropriate level, must examine this matter forensically and where appropriate, make firm representations to her mayoral office as to why she has utilised this local government office for party political purposes to the detriment of the mayoral office, its decorum and etiquette,  since, after all,  FCC is the municipal government of the City of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone – not a lobbying hub for  the APC.

Her private matters and that domain, must, in essence, be kept private.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

B. Tarawally

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