SLPP MP thrills ECOWAS Parliament

Sierra Leone’s Honorable Member of Parliament from Moyamba District, Hon. Veronica K. Sesay, on Monday 16th May made meaningful contribution at the on-going delocalized meeting in Lome, stressing on the need for MP’s voices to be heard in the document that is being drafted.

Hon Sesay, who is from the ruling SLPP, made known her position and the need for MPs’ inputs to be factored in the discussion. She eloquently presented issues, which she explained, were part of the challenges they faced as representatives of the people. She informed the gathering how honorable Members of Parliament usually go through so many challenges in the discharge of their duties, stressing the reason why they want some of these concerns to be addressed, wherein Parliament should not be seen as rubber stamp. She pointed out how there are concerns from Parliamentarians from different Parliaments across the globe on what she described as ‘’struggle for power between Parliamentarians and the Executives’’, maintaining that issues of such nature should form part of the topic, so as to empower Parliamentarians to be able to adequately represent their people. This, she clearly explained, has been a concern and her appeal was for them to be given space to make their own input in the drafting of the document, before it can be brought forward for final approval. ‘’I am therefore appealing that enough time be given to Members of Parliament to be able to make their inputs before the approval of the final document’’ Hon. Veronica K Sesay ended

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