Rice Double Double

Blackout Double Double

Fuel Double Double

Transportation Double Double

Violence Double Double

Corruption Double Double

Lies Double Double

Sierra Leone, under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio, has been facing the worse economic situation in history, since he assumed power in 2018. Prices of basic commodities have been doubled, prompting Sierra Leoneans to believe that everything under the New Direction is now “Double Double”. This reminds me of the gospel music “Everything Na Double Double Oh, Na Double Double”.

Before the 2018 election, President Julius Maada Bio, whilst in opposition, expressed concern about the price of a bag of rice, which was then Le 200,000. Today, under his leadership, the price of rice has doubled, to the extent that people now refer to the SLPP as double. Before 2018, the price for fuel was Le 6,000 per litre, but today, under the ‘New Direction’ SLPP government, it has more than doubled, as fuel price is now Le 15,000 per litre. Astronomical Increase in transport fare, extreme shortage of water, increase in the price of food stuffs, blackouts, which were not regular occurrences before 2018, are all now the order of the day. As this situation continues unabated, citizens now see the SLPP as a government of double problem, doubling the woes of the ordinary man. Corruption under the SLPP has gone above double, with Audit Reports covering his tenure, continually exposing stolen funds that have doubled that of the previous administration, with every sector affected. To add salt to injury, truth has become a rare commodity, as the SLPP seems to have become so addicted to telling lies that it has gone above double.

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