Slained Evangelist Samson’s Close associate Feared Dead

By Gbanabom Kanu

Following Sunday, August 14th 2022, shooting of a young man who was later identified as Hassan SamsomDumbuyaaka ‘Evangelist Samson’ a lead opposition social media influencer allegedly by military armed men at a merchandise shop on Station Road, in Makeni,  the family of one Alpha Mustapha Kabia an executive of APC TAGMEN social media group in the Makeni township have confirmed to this press the  disappearance of their son a day after the incident.

The ‘Evangelist samson’ led social media influencers group ‘TAGMEN’ stands accused of the viral sharing of one Sierra Leonean -Holland based social media activist called Adebayor’s audios on the social media to enables the participation of many Sierra Leoneans in the August,10th protest that turned violent leading to the death of law enforcement personnel and scores of protesters.

Whilst the public awaits official confirmation of the death of Evangelist Samsom and reasons beyond what this medium has learnt as reasons behind his extrajudicial killing, social media has been overwhelmed with condolences especially from members of his party.

They said incident reportedly occurred when the deceased was said to be in the company of his close friend in the person of popular Disc Jockey and social media influencer Alpha Mustapha Kabiaat Station Road when suddenly a white land Cruiser loaded with armed military personnel pulled over and shot him at close range.

A military source told Times Newspaper that Samson passed off in the hands of his assailants at the 4th Infantry brigade, Teko barracks in Makeni,

An anonymous source told this press that Alpha MustaphaKabia aka DJ Dust’s home on Campbell street in Makeni has become a subject of constant raids by police on allegation of conspiracy to commit felony, on the other side it is reported that pressure is emerging from the family members of ‘Evangelist Samson’ for Kabia to explain circumstances behind the shooting of their son since they were together before his alleged.

In a related development the family of Daniel AlieTholley who was removed from his room and shot dead and his roommate AlieKamara shot on his arm at their 48 Rogbaneh road, residence without any reason have called on local authorities to relate the family quest for justice for the two victims.

The twin incidents have reportedly sent shock waves to many young people who are fleeing the city in their numbers for fear of being the next victims of the ongoing senseless killings.

Popular youth and social media influencer Alpha Mustapha Kabia feared dead

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