SKM Fuel Station in Bo is in Full Operations Investigation reveals…

News in circulation on social media that the SKM Fuel Station in Bo town has been shut down by the Environmental Protection Agency is false and misleading.
An investigation conducted by this medium has however proven that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the South has never issued an official letter or instruction to shut down the operations of the SKM Fuel Station in Bo City.
It is understood the news in circulation is part of the ploy by desperate people to tarnish the image and reputation of the SKM Group of Companies. SKM is a credible institution operating in Sierra Leone and the company has been honouring all government laws to the latter and has no reason to default or get involved in any activity that is considered unlawful or illegal against the State. EPA Offices in Freetown and Bo District have vehemently denied such news in circulation that they ordered the closure of SKM Fuel Station in Bo for violating the Environment Impact Assessment as alleged. In an interview with senior staff at EPA, he told this medium that even though they have been pushing for Fuel Stations in the country to undertake EIA that policy has never been materialized as serious concerns have been raised by the Oil Dealers about how they are paying taxes to more than five different government agencies which in essence will be an additional burden on the companies to undertake EIA. It is understood EIA is usually been conducted for companies before starting operations and SKM has been in operation in Sierra Leone for years. The company is one among many whose focus is to help cut down the employment rate by creating many employment opportunities for Sierra Leoneans. SKM Group of Companies strongly believe in proper and accurate documentation and has no reason to violate or bypass government laws. The EPA officer in Bo whose name was mentioned in the news when contacted told this medium that he was not aware and that the EPA South Office has not given any instructions to shut down the operation of the SKM Fuel Station in Bo city

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