The Times press understands that the shrine arsonist, Alhassan Manasary has on October 19 2021 raided again at his hideout in a village in Kailhaun district, in the south-east part of the country, after fleeing his hometown of Lungi, where he intentionally burnt down a traditional shrine belonging to the poro society presumably the oldest traditional society in the counrty

The raid, according to our Kailahun correspondent, comes after he was spotted with his brother by a member of the same society in that part of the country.

He had earlier declared wanted dead or alive by traditional leaders countywide and photo posted in different society shrines throughout the country.

Mansaray is wanted for his action which traditional leaders say grossly demean the practice of the oldest traditional society in the country

Following a wide-spread hunt in the village to trap him after news broke that he was staying with his brother, a gang of poro society members in that part of the country stormed his brother’s residence brandishing fatal weapon demanding for his release.

But was however lucky to have escapeed the mob since he and his brother have been asked to quit the village.

Consequently, his brother’s wife, Fatmata Manasary who was terroized and intimidated following their escape told this medium that, the attackers have also declared her husband wanted for abhoring such a culprit and according to her,their whereabouts still unknown since they fled the village

Mrs Mansaray said the society members have vowed to initiate Alhassan’s sons in replacement of their fugitive dad irrespetive of their age, if he fails to surrender himself.

This threat, has left his wife in a precarious situation as she fears for her sons’ lives.

It is believed that his wife and kids are also on the run for fear of persecution

From what obtains, it is now evident that the deadly hunt for Alhassan and his brother by such an organized secret society that exists throughout the country has left them and their families in a dangerously insecure states

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