Shamefully Shameful….

Senior Driver Abandons President in New York

By Sall Tee Jay

The senior driver of one President in Africa is said to have abandoned his boss  in New York, United States of America, who was attending the United Nations General Assembly.

The President in question, whose driver slinked in New York, was worried when they noticed that at the time of their departure from the United States of America, his driver could not be located.

Inside sources within the delegation of the President disclosed to this medium that “for a senior driver of a sitting President to have taken such decision is enough for one to believe that the days in office of that President have been numbered”. Times SL Newspaper gathered from New York that the driver in question was worried that this could be his last opportunity of coming to New York on taxpayers monies, and is not sure whether his boss will be re-elected in the upcoming general elections.

The President in question is almost in completion of his first term in office and wants to go for a second term, which, many believe, could be a pipe-dream, as evidence of the poor economic situation in the country will otherwise dictate.

Electorates in the very country are desperate to remove the said government on the grounds of non- performance, a very tense and worrying situation that now befalls the Presidency. The country is one among the poorest in the world. In this land, the masses are suffering as prices of commodities are running faster than Usain Bolt, who happens to be the world’s fastest runner. The country in question is politically divided to the extent that regional and tribal politics have of late gained prominence. In this land, human rights violation, injustice, arrest and detention of journalists and opposition politicians have become the order of the day. There are those within the powers that be, who saw the decision of the President’s driver as “seeing the writing on the wall” that the upcoming election will be a fiasco for them.

Under his leadership, the President in question has failed in his first term to unite his people, as evident in his divisive style of leadership, which has made citizens to see themselves as enemies. In this land, the police are always seen protecting the government and the President, and taking undue advantage over poor citizens and members of the opposition. Corruption in this land has become more of a syndicate than years back, and the President of this land is said to have lost control of his leadership drive, sending his compatriots to the worse state of living, accentuated by poor governance.

In this land, what the people have been rewarded for voting in the current government are poor road network, depreciation of the country’s currency, poor health system, lack of social amenities, wastage of taxpayers’ monies on irrelevant and fruitless travels, as evident in what recently happened in New York. Under this government, senior opposition leaders are in prison and their rights to bail have been denied, though the country’s constitution provides for the presumption of innocent of a suspect.

According to our intelligence, the slink driver, who is said to have disappeared into thin air, told one of his relatives that he is suffering and doesn’t see the possibility of his government retaining power in the upcoming election. This singular action of the President’s senior driver is said to have sent a strong message that something must be wrong. Some of the president’s disciples told this writer that there are grumblings all over the place, as majority of their supporters keep saying that they are suffering.

In this land, the country’s economy has been ruined to the extent that even commercial banks are losing customers. There are other concerns of disenfranchisement in this very land, as the people have been denied their rights to be registered ahead of the country’s upcoming election. First time voters, who have reached the voting age or will reach the voting age before the upcoming election, have been denied the right to be registered. In this land, all you hear about this government is “greed, selfishness and wickedness” by their own supporters. There are few in this government that members of the public see as good people, but the bad eggs are in good number. In this land, the President has been locked in a cage, as he does not interact with his people neither is he trying to do so, even as he is seeking for a second term. There are those who strongly believe that giving this President a second chance will be a monumental blunder. In this land, what the government is good at is to spend huge amount of money to pay international media outlets to do image branding, when at home everything is filthy. In this land, a man who many believe in what he says is more powerful than the President. The man in question has been running the country hypothetically, though he leaves millions of miles away.

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