Samura Kamara Thrills Voters in Batkanu Councillor Elections Campaign

The man who has literally carried the weight of the APC after the 2018 elections has today joined the APC family in Constituency 066, Ward 226 in Batkanu to energize the campaign for a Councilor bye election in Ward 226. This is barely 48 hours after Dr Samura Kamara enthused APC supporters in Constituency 110 to help campaign for the party’s Parliamentary candidate, Kadie Davies.

Dr Kamara braved the difficult terrains of Leibesigowahun Chiefdom in the Karene District to convince voters that the APC is the only alternative for meaningful development in Sierra Leone and that any candidate presented by the party cannot be a liability. He therefore called on the people of Batkanu and the entire Leibesigowahun Chiefdom to come out in their numbers on Saturday 12th December to vote the APC candidate, Mohamed Kamara. 

Dr. Samura Kamara told the people not to fall for the SLPP promise of making Batkanu the Karene District Headquarters. He said such deceptive antics are only meant to gain political capital at the detriment of peace and progress of the district. He said the current government has no genuine intention of improving the district’s road network. “They took bulldozers to places like Falaba just because there were bye elections in those places. Immediately after the bye elections, all the machines were removed and the road works halted” he said.

Thomas Sanu, a registered voter in the Ward where the bye election is scheduled to take place, flaunting his Voter’s ID card, said he was determined to rectify the 2018 electoral blunder.

“We have clearly seen that the APC is far better than the SLPP and we are ready to rectify the mistake we made in 2018. For us here, this bye election is an opportunity to demonstrate our determination to kick this deceptive and incompetent SLPP out,” Sanu vows. 

The increasingly popular Samura Kamara is heading back to Freetown to join his comrades for the last APC campaign ahead of the Parliamentary bye election in Constituency 110.

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