Samura & Chericoco….

SLPP’s Nightmare ahead of June Election

Considering the current situation, where the APC has put its house in order, talks about giving the Bio led government notice to quit in June seem to be getting momentum, as many Sierra Leoneans are giving their support to the APC, mainly due to the unbearable economic situation in the country.

Many Sierra Leoneans say they are fed up with the current economic situation, with the dollar rising at break-neck speed, creating an exponential increase in the prices of all commodities, including basic food stuffs. Economists say that the increase of the prices of commodities has gone up by threefold since the Bio government took up office, and this has adversely affected the living conditions of the ordinary man. Many families are finding it very difficult to make ends meet, and many cannot put food on the table. These and other abuses have contributed to the disgruntlement among citizens.

Many Sierra Leoneans say that Samura Kamara and Chericoco make a perfect match for the Presidency, and they believe that with Samura Kamara at the helm of government, the economic situation will be addressed, as they believe he has the expertise to deal with the economy. As for Chericoco, many believe that his experience in Parliament puts him in good stead to handle issues of governance, as he seemed well placed to deal with governance issues. With both men at the helm of government, many believe that the problems of the country will be addressed and all the human rights violations experienced under the Bio government will be a thing of the past.

As a mixer, Chericoco has been able to interact with the grassroots of the party, and his interaction cuts across all facets of society, irrespective of their political affiliations or belief. Hon Chericoco’s experience in Parliament, like EBK, will give him more advantage to address governance issues. This has been the advantage that the former President had and which President Bio does not have. Thus, it is not surprising that Bio has not been able to handle many governance issues, and lacked the requisite knowledge of a legal mind to make decisions that will not be violations of the country’s constitution and other relevant international instruments. Many believe that Chericoco and Samura Kamara are the winning team for the APC, and any deviation, will not be in the interest of the party.

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