Regime Change triggers Govt Peace Talks with SL Mining

An investigation mounted by The Times SL newspaper have revealed that the out of court settlement between Sierra Leone Government and SL Mining was as a result of a regime change proposal which could have kicked the Bio’s government out of office come 2023.

Our source disclosed that the issue was so difficult to handle to the extent that the SL Mining issue was on the verge of landing the Bio SLPP government out of office come 2023.

Full details will be out in our next edition.    

The Government of Sierra Leone and SL Mining have in a Memorandum of Understanding agreed an out-of-court settlement aimed at resolving the issues between them.

This disclosure was made yesterday 10th May 2021, at a meeting held at Tokeh Resort between the two parties.

The out-of-court settlement has been done in the best interest of the company and the country as the MoU seeks to ensure a win-win situation.

The stalemate was as a result of Government’s cancellation of the Company’s license for alleged breach of its mining lease agreement.

The CEO of SL Mining Craig Dean, Minister of Information and Communications Mohamed Rahman Swaray, Attorney General and Minister of Justice Anthony Brewah, and Mines Minister Timothy Kabba, all expressed delight at the peaceful resolution.

This is good news for Sierra Leoneans with the company expected to resume operations soon thereby creating thousands of jobs and also contributing to the growth of the economy through the payment of taxes.

Strategic Communications Unit, Ministry of Information and Communications.

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