Refusing Forceful Initiation….

Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi Narrowly Escapes Death At Hands Of Secret Society Members

Reports From the Macarry village in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone, reveal that a young man by the name of Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi, narrowly escaped death at the hands of secret society members, who had forcefully conscripted him for initiation into the Porro Society, a much dreaded secret society in that part of the country.

According to our source, an eye witness living next door, a female occupant, Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi has been living in that village for quite some time and later left for schooling in Makeni town and later return to the village when his father die. Unknown to him that his father has instructed stakeholders of the village to initiate him as the next head of the Secret Society It was disclosed that on one fateful night, he heard voices outside the house. Upon opening the door, a group of young men descended on him, and was capture and taken by the group of young men.

Madam Fatu (not her real name for security reasons), a resident in the neighborhood, informed this medium that she saw the men overpower Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi and took him away into the night. She furthered that in the morning, information went around the village that some youths had been taken for initiation by the secret society members. Since it is a men secret society, women were not allowed to ask questions or even intimate that they witnessed what happened, as it will fetch a penalty of a dreaded curse on the women and family.

Another youth (name withheld for his security), who is a member of the society, informed this medium that whilst Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi was in a house where he was kept for a while before been move to the forest (Bush) where he was suppose to be given the treatment that all of them went through, namely: beating and traditional medicine which Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi went on and destroy all the medicine that was Suppose to be used which he have to face the consequences of doing that he was tired in a room, but one of her step sister had him crying she went around the house were he was tried and untried him and jumped through the window and went to a nearby village called Masongbo were information reach.

The society members and they too arrived at the scene almost immediately. They combed the surrounding bush and village in search of Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi, but to no avail. They then returned to Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi’ house in search of him.
After that effort proved futile, they then warned family members that if they hide him they will have to pay dearly with their lives, as Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi had seen what they do in their sacred shrine and should not go free. He should, at all cost, be initiated or face death, if he refuses.
The Lady who rescuer tells this medium Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi went to a town called Kambia and in later cross to neabouraing Country called Guinea (on 8th June 2022)

Family members spoken to say that since the abduction of Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi by the secret society members, they have not been able to set eyes on him, nor do they know of his whereabouts.
They only heard of his escape when the members came back to look for him, after some Three (3) days in their custody.

When asked why the matter was not reported to the police, they furthered that almost all the officers and the elders in the village are aware of such initiations, and a good number of them are members, as a result they will do nothing, except promises to look for him.

Family members say that on several occasions, the society members had visited their home and issued threats against them, including threats to kill Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi when he is found.
In many parts of the country, initiation into secret societies is sanctioned by tradition, and elders cooperate fully. Women do not have a say on such matters, as they too have their own secret societies.

Whilst members of such societies claim that this system is their rite of passage to manhood, their rituals often result in deaths of some of the recruits, due to the inhumane traditional practices meted out on the initiates, as a result, a lot of young men avoid being conscripted for initiation. This inhumane traditional practice has not been largely condemned by the government, and there is outright denial that such things do not happen, Even in the cases of women secret societies, where the FGM is practiced.

As we go to press, the whereabouts of Joseph Victor Steven Massaquoi is still unknown and the search for him by the secret society continues unabated.

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