R.C.Bank, Orange on Safe Money Transaction Promotion

Launching ‘Bank to wallet, wallet to Bank’ Promo…

Rokel Commercial Bank in partnership with Orange mobile finance on Thursday 18th March 2021 officially launched a new promo known as “Bank to Wallet, Wallet to Bank” at the conference room of the Rokel Commercial Bank at Juba, western Freetown.

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer Orange Money, David Mansaray, said that the two institutions started the process way back, with the aim of meeting the needs of their customers, by avoiding long queues at the bank.

The CEO of Orange Money furthered that their aim was to restore confidence and provide quality services to their customers. He also revealed that with the Bank to Wallet product, it will minimize the suffering of customers to access their account, which they are faced with most of the time. He therefore assured Sierra Leoneans that they will do all within their powers to satisfy their customers, pointing out that it is a win-win situation for both institutions.

When asked in the event that customers go to the Bank and there is shortage of cash at the Bank, how will the customers have their money, his response was that a customer can transfer his or her money from his/her account in the bank to his or her Orange money wallet and access any Orange money station and collect cash. He also disclosed that registration is free and the system operates 24 hours, with an uninterrupted service.

In his remarks, the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank, Dr. Walton Dayo Gilpin, said that last year his bank was able to activate one Million customers due to the Bank’s new reforms, and promised that both institutions intend to digitize the banking system. He also disclosed that with the new technology, it would allow money to be in circulation as well as boosting the economy of the country.

The managing director of Rokel Commercial Bank in conclusion, thanked Orange Sierra Leone for collaborating with his bank and assured that they would do their best to meet the desired goal of their customers.

Also making a statement at the launching, was the Board of Director Rokel Commercial Bank,Mr. Buffy Bailor, who said that as Board of Directors, whose mandate is to supervise the operations of the bank, they are very proud for the success made so far at the Rokel Commercial Bank under the leadership of Dr.Gilpin and that of Orange Sierra Leone.

“Before now I was so skeptical about the operations of the bank, and I always said terrible things against the bank, but since I became part of the bank’s management, and seen the reforms that have taken place, I am urging all to do more”, he said.

He highlighted that along the line, the Bank and Orange   will be facing a lot of challenges, but with the committed leadership the two institutions have, he is optimistic that they would surmount those challenges,

Presentation of the service was made by both staff of Orange and Rokel Commercial Bank, in which they took their time to explain how the process will look like and the cost involved while using Bank to Wallet, Wallet to Bank, which, according to them, was reasonable.

The event was climaxed by launching of the promo by the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank and CEO of Orange Money Sierra Leone.

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