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PGTI Commends Ministry of Technical and Higher Education/TEC

Dr. Alim Mackie-Conteh, Founder and Proprietor of PGTI (Professional Global Training Institute-SL), a subsidiary of Professional Global Training Institute-UK, with over 20 years of Online/Virtual Learning (VLE)/Distance learning experience in the United Kingdom and Sierra Leone, has commended the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education over the recognition of digital technology within the educational sector.

Dr. Alim stated that for MTHE and TEC recognizing Virtual Learning/ Online Education in Sierra Leone is a great milestone for the country’s education sector, as technology driven growth and increase completion will provide choices and options to students to choose their preferred mode of study. The regulator should encourage the early pioneers such as PGTI, AGU, and Comprehensive College to share their vast experience in this sector

The PGTI education guru stated that the online providers will also want to be part of the regulatory framework System by providing vital information that is relevant in the sector.

He commended MTHE/TEC for providing the Online/Distance Learning Guidelines, which are critical at this crossroad in the Tertiary Education Sector in the Country, though some of the Guidelines need to be revisited, as technology advances.

“We the Early Pioneers of Online Education will be grateful if our Institutions and Students, who have been vilified as carriers or issuers of fake certificates, be vindicated”, he stressed.

He further that the PGTI is one of the intuitions that is committed to investing in Education without any recourse to public funds, he also stated that the regulatory body should see them as partners to develop the sector, which will have a great impact on the Government’s current Human Capital Development through the Fee Quality Education Project.

Investment in the human capital of the country is the best investment ever, over 60% of our population are youths between the ages of 16-35 years. About 50% of that population segment are unskilled and unemployed, contributing zero% to the state. With the current MTHE/TEC education guidelines, Online/VLE providers will encourage these youths to gain vital skills that will enable them to gain meaningful employment and contribute to the development of the state.

The institution is one of the UK Early institutions using digital media to lecture students around the Globe. In 2005 the PGTI invested in Edu- World, a Digital Education teaching Platform using Skype Technology, which then progressed to Blackboard and now Module.

He stated that PGTI-SL welcomes the MTHE/TEC guidelines, adding that education is dynamic, not static, accepting Distance learning/VLE mode of Education, which will enable less privileged students outside the Capital to gain vital 21st-century skills, without leaving their offices/homes.

PGTI-SL has various teaching relationships with various international Education providers and Universities, furthering that VLE enables SL students to gain Global Qualifications that are globally recognized.

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