Prospective Independent Presidential Candidate Writes President Bio

Senior Economist and Politician, Mr Prince Jacob Macauley, has written a letter to HE President Julius Maada Bio, seeking his help for the immediate expunging of Section 41(b) of the Sierra Leone Constitution, which makes it a compulsion for any individual who wants to contest a Presidential election, to belong to a political party.

In the letter which this press is privy to, Mr Macauley pleaded with His Excellency President Bio to use his good office to speedily expedite the expunging of the section.

According to Mr Macauley, belonging to a political party is an enslavement to the party, but going it alone removes that shackle of having to go through all the hustles and bustles which mostly characterizes belonging to a political party.

“In the USA and in most western countries there is no restriction for independent candidates to contest,” Mr Macauley said.

He explained that the writers of the Sierra Leone Constitution must have been ill advised to add that section.

“That the 1991 Constitution came at a time when this country was still under a dictatorship, but now we are in a true democracy, it is high time it is expunged from the Constitution so that citizens can freely exercise their rights to contest the Presidency without the hindrance of having to join a political party first,” Mr Macauley stressed.

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