President to replace VP with J.J. Sahfa

The President of Sarra Lone, Juleus Madder Beo is planning to replace his vice president Muhamed Julde Jaloh so The Times SL was reliably informed.

President Beo is said to have recently had a meeting with one of his trusted loyalists, J.J. Sahfa, who expressed serious anger and frustration on the recent cabinet recycling which saw the relocation of Sahfa from the Finance Department to a department of just papers. Sahfa is said to have envied the position of the Vice President, which he strongly believes could be far better off than the office of papers and documentation. The former holder of the office papers and documentation has also been transferred to another department, a decision many believe was a deliberate act by the President to do away with his former lecturer. Others believe that the President was overwhelmed with scores of complaints against his former lecturer, ranging from corruption allegations and many more: a reason many believe he decided to ask him out of the office of the President.

Current Vice President Muhamed Julde Jaloh is also alleged to have been undermining his boss, as most of his underhand dealings have been secretly recorded and reported to the President, who is said to have planted some of his trusted servants around him, who have continued to monitor the clandestine meetings held at the Vice President’s office, Sahfa was quoted to have said, ” Pa you pull osai betteh dae en you go put me for jus dae read papers. Pa you need for think over dis sir. You know say me na number one loyal servant to you en you know say ah nor ever undermine you” the angry Sahfa stated. It is understood that the words of Sahfa touched the President, who assured Sahfa of soon making him the Vice President, especially as he was contemplating on replacing his vice, as it happened in the case of former President Earnest Kroma.

This is dangerous for an administration that is currently receiving scores of condemnation from the international community. If such an action takes place, it has the tendency to expose government’s oddities in a number of negative ways.

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