Poroh Society declares Albert Kabba-Sei Wanted

Albert Kabba-Sei, a resident of 15 B Sesay Lane, Bassa town, Waterloo, western rural district of Freetown has been declared wanted by members of the secret Poroh Society.
Kabba-Sei, investigation revealed is being declared wanted for deliberately refusing to be initiated into the Secret Poroh Society.
Times SL Newspaper gathered that in August 2017, the gentleman lost his parents to the August 14 mudslide which claimed the lives of hundreds of Sierra Leoneans. After that pathetic incident, quite a good number of children were displaced and left homeless. Among them is Albert Kabba-Sei who reports state was later rescued by his paternal uncle. His paternal uncle is believed to be the leader of the Secret Poroh Society which is feared . They are known to have mystical powers as exhibited most times whenever they go out on their traditional festival. There have been reported cases of young initiates who will never come back after been placed into the secret society bush. The unlucky ones are swallowed by the ‘Poroh Evil Spirit’ and this has instilled fear and panic in upcoming boys and girls to distance themselves from joining the society.
It was revealed Albert’s uncle had pledged to the society bush that he will ensure his nephew go through the initiation to make him the next leader. This according to investigation did not go down well with the gentleman Albert who was staying with his uncle.
Sometimes in 2021, it was rumored that the Secret Poroh Society is about to initiate young boys within the community, and Albert at the material time staying with his uncle became a target. He was encouraged to willingly join the society but refused amidst so many words of courage and persuasion. His refusal angered his uncle who investigation revealed was left with no option but to do a forceful initiation ceremony which was also objected to by Albert .
In Sierra Leone, members of the Secret Poroh Society are highly protected by the government despite the continuous bashing and lambasting by civil rights activists denouncing such traditional and cultural ways of doing things. There are more Albert who are suffering in silence as a result of their refusal to be initiated into the society bush. Albert stands the risk of losing his life if he ever venture to show up within the community. They consider refusal as an affront to the highest degree making them furious against anyone that deliberately refused to be initiated.
Since Albert refused to be initiated , his whereabouts remained unknown despite numerous search placed in different part of the country.

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