Over Makeni Riot…

Police Declares Foday Fofanah Wanted

The Sierra Leone Police has declared Foday Fofanah wanted for his contribution to the Makeni riot some years ago.
In a press release issued out recently by the police, it named Foday Fofanah as one of the leaders that incited his colleagues to revolt against them, and prevent the relocation of the standby Electricity Generator from Makeni city.
According to the Police Media boss, the situation in Makeni and its surroundings has put the lives of the police at stake, and created an antagonizing situation between the force and the populace. He continued that the Makeni incident has also affected their human rights records in the international arena, furthering that their investigations has revealed that Foday Fofanah was one of the ring leaders to have provoked the deteriorating security situation in Makeni on that fateful day.
The police noted that since they wanted to pursue the others in Court, the presence of Foday was key, as during their investigations and statements from those in custody point to him as the ring leader of the attack against the police in Makeni. He disclosed that six young people lost their lives during the said riot.
According to the police, they have made lots of efforts to arrest Foday, but all proved futile, and even storming his residence at night have all not yielded any result. Against this backdrop, they have therefore issued a warrant of arrest and declared him a wanted man with a bounty on his head.
Meanwhile, investigations mounted by this medium in respect of this same matter in Makeni has revealed that the said warrant for the arrest of Foday is politically motivated, as he is said to be a sympathizer of the main opposition party, the APC, and that the said action by the youths was sanctioned by youths believed to be supporters of the APC, an allegation that the APC had denied, stating that it was merely a simple protest by youths against the relocation of their generator to a known ruling party location, thereby depriving Makeni city, the stronghold of the main opposition APC party, of electricity. bIt was also disclosed that those arrested are youths known to be strong supporters of the APC, and were merely accused as perpetrators by other youths of the ruling party who know their allegiance, and really not about any involvement in the said riot.
As we go to press, the whereabouts of Foday Fofanah is yet unknown, and family members say that they have been subjected to threats from the police and supporters of the ruling party. They furthered that they have been subjected to the most inhumane treatment from the police during their search of their home, at gun point.

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