Orange Sierra Leone set to launch 4G+ tonight

Leading telecommunications company in Sierra Leone, Orange is set to launch 4G+ this evening, a significant upgrade to an already fast and reliable 4G broadband service.

The launch which will be done at the Bintumani Conference Center in Freetown, will make Orange the first mobile company in the country to launch the technology.

Orange is already the leading mobile internet provider with its wide reaching 4G network, which has contributed to deepen the digital penetration in the country. The company’s transition from 3G to 4G in 2017 has been smooth, mostly because of its wide-range network infrastructure across the country.

The company has more than enough capacity to roll out 4G+. Orange SL has up to 445 network sites across the country, more than any other mobile service provider in the country.

The launch of 4G+ will mean customers will now have access to super high speed internet service, which will also be highly reliable. For people who use Whatsapp to make calls, it will mean much higher quality of voice and video calls. For students who rely on Orange’s internet network for studies, it will mean faster download of contents online that will save time and cost.

“Customers should know that 4G+ is almost double the quality experience that they are already getting from 4G. It means clear and smooth calls, it means faster internet speed and it also means more reliability,”

“The world is now moving to 5G and 4G+ takes us a step closer to that,” the Marketing and Communications department at Orange said.

Tonight’s launch will also attract telecommunications industry stakeholders and top government officials who will all attend an event that is been designed to depict talent and Sierra Leonean inventiveness. The launch will also showcase some of the best innovative minds in the country with an exhibition of their innovations on the sidelines of this massive launch.

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