During their show, which was held at the SLBC New England Ville studios, hundreds of people living across the country emerged to win more than Billions of Leones and five brand new Cars.

On Tuesday 16th March 2021, at Orange Head Office, Hill Station, four out of five winners were officially given their cars.

One of the hosts on the show, Martha, said that they started the show in October 2020 and ended it in January 2021. And they are going to hand over the keys to cars to the lucky winners.

She furthered that Orange Money Shoki Love Promotion has making people Millionaires everyday during the show, and it has helped a lot of families. Martha continued that five lucky winners were able to win the five cars for the grand draw, and today they are happy and pleased to call the media and witness the official handing over of the cars.

 Zainab, a resident of Kenema, who was the first winner of one of the cars, has already been given her sssown car, and the remaining four winners got their cars during the presentation at Orange HQ.

Magdalene Shylon from Wilkinson Road, a house wife, who was one of the winners, expressed gratitude and said that she’s so existed and that orange has changed her whole life and thanked Orange for their good work.

Augustine Tucker from Berwick Street, working at a mortgage company, said that he never believed in the first place when he received the call, but until he was told that the programme was live on TV, and when he switched on his TV, he then found out that it was a real deal. So he is so happy that finally he has got a car, which he never dreamed about, and also thanked orange, admonishing them to continue their good work as the best Network operating system in Sierra Leone.

Ishmael Conteh a final year student at Njala University, who is presently living at Kingtom, said that he was planning to buy a car this year and had already gone to a driving school and got his driving licence, but Orange has made it very simple for him now that they have given him a brand new car. Ishmael continued that there is no magic and that he only sent cash through his orange money.

Mr. Morie Kandeh, a resident in Kabala, who is a veteran motor mechanic, was the last to be handed his car keys. He was speechless and unable to express how happy he was when he finally received his car, he also thanked orange for giving him a brand new car for the first time in his life and that he is not even planning or thinking to sell it to anyone.

Morie continued that he will forever be grateful to orange and will tell families and other members to use orange money and believe in their show, so that they will also win more than he did.

In her concluding statement, the CEO of Orange Money SL, David Mansaray, thanked everyone for partaking in the show. He expressed special thanks to the media for their partnership with Orange and for giving hope to others to use more of Orange Money, in planning for a bigger draw.

By Mackie M. Jalloh

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