Novogen,AMU Engages Poultry Farmers

Novogen, a Holland based company that produces Brown chiken and eggs, in partnership with Africa Monde Union (AMU), a UK based Sierra Leonean Non-Governmental Organization, on 11th May, 2021, at the Companero Complex, Waterloo in Western Rural area, engaged Pig and Poultry Farmers Association of Sierra Leone (PPFASL) on improving technological farming methods and possible business exchanges.

Henry Verstegeg, Export Manager, Novogen, is currently the leading Brown Classic hen, which produces many top-grade brown eggs with a high egg weight, biggest Layer Hatcheries of hen with combined egg mass and egg quality, good feathering and good laying capacity. It produces wonderful top-grade brown eggs until the end of the laying curve.

Henry stated that Novogen White Light includes all the basic features, Novogen genetics is known to offer, such as efficient production, calm behaviour and a good feather covering. Verbeek Hatchery, a leader in the pullet market, aims to achieve, at the end of rearing, an optimal growth and pullet development, together with a good feed intake capacity. In practice, this combination results in the remarkable early egg weight increase of the Novogen White Light, he said.

Verstegeg said that they are currently the leading supplier in some parts of Asia and Africa, adding that Sierra Leone will be no exception and the Nevogen product will have no issue with West African Climate.

He furthered that Sierra Leone is an upcoming poultry sector that needs the support from a company like Nevogen for better production and sustainable management.

Henry said the company will be providing technical, skill and technological support to farmers in the poultry sector, just as they have being help other Africa countries.

Emmanuel Olusoji Ogunades, Country Director Africa Monde Union (AMU), said the partnership with Nevogen Brown Breed of Chicken to Sierra Leone is one that will help poultry Farmers, and explore the possibility of providing other meaningful services, support to enhance quality poultry production in the country at affordable cost.

Olusoji stated that the poultry farmers in the country are faced with lots of challenges; ranging from high cost of feeds, energy and technological equipment; this is more the reason why (AMU) decided to contact Nevogen, in order to enable and enhance farmers to get a cheaper bag with more hen and a resistance on diseases that destroy the hen and eggs, with the aim and objective of transforming this neglected sector.

Emmanuel however called on the government and stakeholders to pay more attention to this sector, as poultry has the tendency of changing the country’s economy.

Nathanael G Lamin, Agric Business specialist, Sierra Leone Agribusiness Development Fund, thanked Nevogen, for such a laudable initiative, adding that the training is one that is going to create more impact within the sector. He furthered that what Nevogen is doing is just to complement the effort of KPMG and the government of Sierra Leone towards improving the value chain.

Emite Skorph Representing Ya Marie Africanus Rokel Village Poultry Farm, advised the farmers to use the right feed for their hen, adding that even though it is expensive, but it has value and an important component in the process of growing,

He spoke on the availability, quality and care, which he said are subjects of concern, and furthered that the sector faced serious challenges during the covid-19, that they cannot get the normal breed supply from Holland, but rather using Guinean and other African countries as alternative, and that affected the quality.

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