NATCOM DG Explains Rationale Behind Consumer Parliament

In an exclusive interview with the Director General of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), Daniel Kaitibi, over the proposed hosting of the Consumer Parliament in Bo on the 26th March this year, he explained the reasons and importance of holding this meeting, which he maintained is to provide a platform where all stakeholders in the industry interact with consumers and have frank discussions on the critical issues affecting the sector, in a bid to arrive at a better understanding of their respective roles and build a better working relationship.

Daniel Kaitibi disclosed that with the interest of consumers paramount in the discharge of their duties, according to their mandate, the holding of such a session will create a platform where Consumers are given the opportunity to have a face-to-face dialogue with policy makers, regulator and service providers. In that meeting consumers will be able to ask questions, make complaints or make suggestions relating to critical issues on services provided, regulations, consumer education and protection, etc. He furthered that now that Information Communications Technology has become the trend, digital penetration is on everyone’s mind to be used to bridge the digital divide, thus, issues relating to consumer satisfaction takes center stage in the telecommunications sector.

The NATCOM DG intimated that the theme for this year’s Consumer Parliament is “DIGITAL PENETRATION FOR CONSUMER SATISFACTION IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS”, adding that the choice of this theme is in consideration of the premium put by the institution on Consumer welfare and vigilance, hence digital penetration for consumer satisfaction has to be assured and ensured. He furthered that the consumers will hear about issues which affect them from expert speakers during the session, and will be able to give their own input. Through this platform, consumers will be able to get better knowledge and understanding of issues in the telecommunication sector.  

DG Kaitibi concluded that the primary functions of the regulator is to ensure that end users benefit from quality, affordable and available services, pursuant to section 9 (2) (b) of the telecommunications act of 2006 as amended. “The need to have the Consumer Parliament in this direction cannot be over emphasised,” he stressed. 

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