Mumu President In The Midst of Scandals

In a CIVILIZED society, a NATIONAL LEADER is expected to ADDRESS the NATION when a scandal erupts in government.  Such an address normally takes the form of a press conference attended by various segments of society, including civil society groups and members of the MEDIA.  During the conference, journalists and activists will pose unflattering questions so that a NATIONAL LEADER can address the contentious issues which necessitated the conference.  In a CIVILIZED society, a national leader will address a swirling SCANDAL by PUBLICLY discussing the SOLUTIONS he has devised to tackle a dishonorable issue and prevent its recurrence.

 It can be very DISRESPECTFUL towards the PEOPLE when a scandal-ridden President keeps quiet, clumsily hoping the people will FORGET as time passes. CIVILIZED leaders do not operate in such a crude manner. 

That is exactly what is happening in Sierra Leone today. Serious allegations of corruption have engulfed the President’s wife and senior errand boys placed in high-ranking positions. Rather than address the nation, the President of Sierra Leone remains as silent as a graveyard. 

In a bid to distract the PEOPLE, propagandists are out in force, dangling INSIGNIFICANT issues touted as developmental programs. Showing us a painted bridge, the First Lady distributing sanitary pads or two shiny ELECTRIC POLES in a town where MOST of the streets are pitch-dark, are CHEAP issues of propaganda. That kind of propaganda is only sellable in a country where illiteracy is high, and STANDARDS so LOW that even childish tricks can fool the people.  Just because government is “working,” does NOT mean nationally destructive SCANDALS should be IGNORED.   

By Sankara Kamara

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