Muctarr King declared wanted

The Secret Poroh Society in Yele, have declared one Muctarr King wanted for failing to be initiated into the secret poroh bush.
It is believed that Muctarr King who happens to be the only son of Abdul King, who was head of the secret poroh society in Yele town violated the tradition from being initiated.
Investigations are that the late Pa Abdul King was head of the Yele Poroh Secret Society until his death. He was reported to have earmarked his son as his heir and the society men had agreed on same as per their laws not knowing the son of the late man has a different intention.
It was revealed that few days after the death of Pa. Abdul King, Muctarr his eldest son who was staying in Freetown refused to attend the funeral. It was understood that few months later, a cousin of the late man died and this time round Muctarr decided to travel to the village to witness the funeral of a family member. His presence in Yele was like a nightmare for him which ended in serious skirmishes. He was reported to have turned down the offer that he should be the next leader of the poroh society. His refusal, according to investigation, angered the poroh society men who were left with no option than to forcefully initiate him as per tradition. There are then, Muctarr was reported to have escape with his wife from the village and then seek refuge in another village.
According to family sources, they told Times SL Newspaper that Muctarr whereabouts remained unknown and that his refusal to be initiated into Secret Poroh Society has caused them serious problem for which they too are worried. It is not clear why Muctar has decided to ignore the society of his late father. but close family sources states that Muctarr since growing up as a small boy has been very critical of Poroh Society and that his religious beliefs on that could be the reason why he is distancing himself from them. However, past experiences on such ceremonies has led to the loss of lives of victims for which others believe could be the fear of Muctarr. Poroh Society in Sierra Leone is part of the country’s culture and tradition. Therefore, it is difficult for them to be prosecuted because their membership is highly connected as politicians and senior citizens are said to be members. In the case of Muctarr, his current whereabouts remained unknown as there are rumor that he might have been captured and placed in the secret bush.

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