Momoh Konte, Saio Marah & Alakuma to be remembered in Kabala

By Sall Tee Jay

Younger brother of Momoh Konte, Mohamed Konte, popularly known as Short Boy, has told this medium that come December 18th this year, the family has endeavored to hold a special prayer for the trio, who died two years ago along the Kabala-Makeni Highway.

Speaking to this medium, Mohamed Konte (Short Boy) disclosed that he is taking up this venture to honor and remember his late brother, alongside the other two who died on their way to Freetown. Short Boy added that the December 18th ceremony will follow a Quranic recitation, memorial service and briefing about the late man. The ceremony, he said, will be held in Kabala at the house of the late man. Short Boy therefore appealed to all friends, loved ones and families of the late man to grace this important historic occasion, which will be held in Kabala. He encouraged friends and loved ones of the late man, who were not personally invited to see his decision as an oversight and call on them to make their way to be part of this event.

Late Momoh Konte was former Chairman of the National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM). He was a man of his words and many, who met him when he was alive, knew that he was a man that has no regard for tribe, religion, region or political party. Momoh Konte was also former Chairman of the All People’s Congress, Koinadugu District Executive. His death leaves serious pain in the hearts and minds of many Sierra Leoneans, because he was known to be the man of action. Momoh Konte lived a decent life throughout his life time and was also a close friend of senior members in the current SLPP Government, despite being APC.

In one of our discussions, Momoh Konte told this writer how he had a good working relationship with President Julius Maada Bio way back in the United States. ” Sall Tee, I and Bio worked in the same office in the United States of America. We were like brothers. There was a time when I came to Sierra Leone, I facilitated the receipts of Bio’s passport and took to it to the United States of America. Ahead of his Presidential aspirations, President Julius Maada Bio personally called me as his brother to be his running mate. I declined because I was a born APC. That never destroyed our brotherhood as I was able to let him understand my position,” Momoh Konte told me in confidence. Today, three of Momoh Konte’s properties have been confiscated by the State. Even in his grave, Momoh Konte would not believe that this could happen on instruction of his brother, who is the current President of the nation.

Momoh Kone was a good man. His footprints of goodness are all over the place. This was a man who will never deceive anyone during his days. If Momoh Konte promises, he will ensure he delivers. His ailing mother is presently in pain and her situation seem to be getting worse because of the plan by the state to take possession of her son’s house at hill top.

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