Mohamed Jalloh declared wanted

Sierra Leone Police have in their list of wanted persons for the August 10 2022 protest declared Mohamed Jalloh of #3 Guard Street wanted.
Jalloh according to the investigation is not a member of any political party. His name and photo were among those declared wanted by the police for the August 10 protest in Sierra Leone that claimed the lives of police officers and civilians.
Times SL Newspaper gathered that Jalloh’s name was included by some supporters of the ruling SLPP Government who before this time had perceived Jalloh and his family as members of the opposition. In an interview with the APC Chairman at Guard Street, Ibrahim Kamara said Mohamed Jalloh is not a member of their party and not a politician. I have never seen him taking part in politics and so I was surprised to see his name and photo among those declared wanted by the police.

SLPP Chairman at Guard Street told Times SL Newspaper that Jalloh and his family were seen on the day of the August 10 protest dressed in red and white shirts.” We noticed that he was putting the color of the APC and in our country, the easiest way to identify people and the political party they belong to is by the color of dressing. So if Mohamed Jalloh was beaten, you can’t say those who beat him are SLPP” the SLPP chairman said.
Eyewitnesses say Mohamed Jalloh was almost beaten to death. He later managed to escape. His house on guard street was raided by police officers. His wife Isata Jalloh was to be arrested when the husband was nowhere to be found.
In Sierra Leone, police brutality against civilians has become the order of the day. Local and International media have also reported the August 10 protest that led to the loss of lives.
At the time of going to the press, efforts made to contact Mohamed Jalloh and his family proved futile.

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