Miro Forestry Company pays 1.5 Billion Leones Land Lease Agreement for 2021

Miro Forestry Company Sierra Leone is pleased to report that it has paid One Billion Five Hundred and Eighty Million Leones (Le 1,580,000,000) to land holding families, District Councils, Chiefdom Councils and Central Government for the 2021 Operational Year.

Miro Forestry Company operates in Ghana and Sierra Leone developing over 18,000 Hectares of commercial trees to produce globally high-quality and cost competitive commercial forestry plantations plywood, sawn timber panels, poles and wood biomass sustainably to Forestry Stewardship Council (FCS) standards whilst providing environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities.

In Sierra Leone, the company has developed 8,500 Hectares in Yoni Mamela and Yoni Mabanta Chiefdoms in Tonkolili District  and Masimera Chiefdom  in Portloko District, operating in over 80 communities. The company is set to commission 50,000 output CCA treatment facility in Sierra Leone and produce 1,200 metric tons of treated poles for sale in 2021/2022. The company is also upgrading the Edge Glue Panel factory in Sierra Leone, producing and selling 625 metric tons in the year.

©️Aruna Bangura, Social Manager, MIRO Forestry Company SL LTD.

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