Mariama Bangura on the run

Latest report reaching this Press stated that, Police Constable 20825 Mariama Bangura, with pin code number 231594 is presently on the run for losing the state weapon that was assigned to her.

It was allegedly that, Mariama was deployed as one of the personal security guard at the resident of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Lahai Lawrence Leema.

It was disclose that Arm Robbers, on April 23rd 2022 stormed the resident of the Deputy Minister, where Mariama was on duty that night which she was over powered and took away her gun.

Family sources told this press that, Because of her weapon was taken away by the robbers, she was afraid to report the matter to her bosses, knowing fully well that she will  be dismiss and faces   a police tribunal, which if found guilty will face a minimum jail term of not less than 5 years

Sources added that she was treated for multiple wounds before she got missing as her where about is presently unknown.

And it was also rumored that, authorities in the police are blaming her for the incident, which they accuse her that the wounds are just a covered up and that she conspired with the robbers to rub the Minister, which yet to be to proven.

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