Mariam Mamusu Bangura Carew on the run

Mariam Mamusu Bangura Carew, A former resident of 172 Fourah bay Road, Freetown ,Sierra Leone is presently on the run whilst been chased by women of a secret sowei society. Mamusu who was born on the 6th of January 1990 to parent Issa Bangura and Fatmata Bangura are from Lunsar. Her mother Fatmata Bangura was head of the Secret Sowei Society in Lunsar. She is well known to have mystical powers. Investigation uncovers that her mother who is now late had earmarked her to be her successor in her secret Sowei Society. But for her, she hated that society and was afraid of joining them because of the experience others have got. When her mother died on the 5th of July 2021, her colleagues in the secret power society wanted to get her initiated. On the day of her mother’s burial, the issue came up that as tradition demands, she was supposed to replace her mother. But as a religious person who hate anything that is tied to evil, she vowed that she will never in her life join or become a member of any secret society. So on the night of the funeral on 15th July 2021, Mamusu’s house was raided by the society women to capture her. It was understood a friend of her who is also part of the secret society was alleged to have told her about their coming and when she heard the song from a distance, she decided to maneuver to escape their wrath. The reason for her fear is as a result of the experience of initiates who died during the process. So she had to use the back door and enter the bush path whilst they were desperately searching for her. She was made to understand that a friend of her who was part of them was badly treated and reprimanded on the allegation that she might have given a hint to her about the plan to get her initiated. So she managed to escape through the bush path on the night of 15th July 2021

She came to Freetown, and Whilst in Freetown, she tried to look out for a safer place because she realized it will be easier for them to track her there because the distance between Lunsar and Freetown can be covered within two hours on road. Whilst in Freetown, she had to be in hiding until she had someone called Ishmael Jalloh who assisted in putting her documents together to travel out of the country. She then left Freetown on the 7th of September 2021 and arrived in Italy on the 8th of September 2021. Upon arrival, it was also understood that her documents were taken off her.
The person who was to receive her in Italy was not seen and was alleged to have negotiated a deal on her behalf into prostitution without her knowledge. On the very night, a guy came into her room and advanced at her trying to get rid of her clothes to have sex with her. She refused but the guy insisted and was saying he had already paid for her. She never knew she have been subjected to prostitution and that resulted in to fight between her and the man until she managed to slipped off and get out of the house and ran to the street. Some few days after, she joined a bus which took her to France. She spent that night at the bus station as she couldn’t find any better way to seek refuge. She was later directed to a place where illegal immigrants are been attended to.
She arrived in France on the 20th of September 2021. Whilst in France, she came to know that she have been declared wanted. “A friend of mine named Sawdatu Kamara came in touch with me through email and told me there is a report about me on a newspaper website that I have been declared wanted and that I should be careful and should continue to be in hiding because my life is at high risk if within the country.”

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