Makeni weeps in shame

Residents in Makeni are shame over the recent scandal involving one of their own in what society deemed as ” evil hands”. This is coming barely some months after the report of one Ibrahim Kanu who was alleged to have sexually penetrated a teenage boy within the township is trying to satisfy his sexual desire.
Ibrahim Kanu who happens to be a member of the gay society is on record to have been deeply involved in such practices violating the rights of teenage boys.
His father who used to be a very influencing person in Makeni is said to have suffered a heart attack ever seeing the news was out about the involvement of his son in gay activities. This incident has left tongs wagging with others calling for naming and shaming Ibrahim Kanu’s family.

However, the ugly situation has left the Kanu family in the cold as the whereabouts of Ibrahim Kanu remained unknown. This media has been following the issue with keen interest especially when it is something that has to do with the violations of the United Nations Universal Declaration of 1945.

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