Makeni was wakes up in shame

July 2015 will ever be remembered as “red-letter day” in Makeni city with the news of one Ibrahim Kanu, aged 17, having gone viral as the gay boy tampering with juveniles in the community. Those who know him confirmed that it is the habit of Ibrahim Kanu ever since he joined the gay lifestyle, his way of satisfying his sexual desire is to go after a juvenile. Ibrahim Kanu met his Waterloo after the mother of a juvenile he had tampered with broke the news within the township. The mother in question preferred to be anonymous and quickly informed The Times SL Newspaper about what she had noticed. When The Times SL Newspaper visited the community, some witnesses testified that Ibrahim Kanu wanted to transform the community into a gay zone hence the reason why they declared him wanted. Ibrahim Kanu’s family have been banished within the township by the chiefdom authorities who considered such an act an affront to authorities. Civil Rights activists have been calling for the protection of gay and lesbian members referencing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1945) but all those concerns have not yielded any fruits. There is the belief that gays or lesbians are among the unholy activists condemned by God Almighty and some are of the view that such practices should have no place in society. Sierra Leone Government past and present have had serious confrontations with the populace when trying to introduce laws to protect gays and lesbians. Late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of blessed memory suffered a heart attack while trying to convince his people of that. He was bastardised by his tribesmen who ridiculed him with different names. Ever seen, there has been no peace for people belonging to the gay and lesbian.

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