Makeni in tears as ..

10 youths missing

At the launch of an independent reports and findings by a consultant over the extra judicial killings that took place in Makeni, Tombo and Mile 91, a female Member of Parliament from the opposition ALL People’s Congress (APC), Hon. Zainab Yaebu Tarawally (nee Sesay), disclosed that after the release of those who were imprisoned by the government, ten youths have been reported missing by their family members. The launching of the report took place at the Makeni City Council, where stakeholders within the township represented different communities, organizations and groups in the interest of defending their human rights.

Whilst making her contribution, Hon. Zainab Yaebu Tarawally stressed that families of those killed during the generator saga have been complaining of injustice and that perpetrators are walking the street free without being called to face justice, adding that fresh issues have come up, where family members of 10 youths, who were thought to be among those arrested and sent to prison, have not shown up when the 13 people were released. She insinuated that there is the possibility that those ten youths could have been killed and buried by the forces on the day of the skirmishes in Makeni without the knowledge of their families. Hon. Zainab added that as a Member of Parliament, they would not rest until justice is delivered. ‘’We have been playing our own role in Parliament, and we will continue to push until action is taken so that the perpetrators are brought to book. She furthered that the mission on that day was to kill, and the deployment of the security forces was from Massongbo. Ten youths in Makeni have allegedly gone Missing, noting that out of the 31 persons taken away, only 13 have been released; “we observed that ten of those that we were expecting to be among, are not among…..meaning that those ten must have been killed and their bodies buried without the knowledge of their families’’, Hon. Zainab added, amidst bitter sobbing and anger. She furthered that even the generator for which their people were massacred was not from the government, but was given to the Makeni people by the Catholic Mission. 

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