Lover boy escapes death

Published Friday January 9 2015

By Edward Turay

The whereabouts of Ibrahim Kargbo is still unknown months after Capt. James Koroma allegedly shot and killed his father and younger brother in cold blood.

Neighbours fear that he too might have been killed by now but hearsay information suggests the escapee had fled to one of the European countries which could guarantee him protection of his fundamental right to life.

The tragedy of this 19-year-old Ibrahim Kargbo began with the dating of Capt. Koroma’s daughter, Christiana Koroma. The army man was strongly opposed to her teen’s new found love and did all he could to deter their relationship. Capt.

Kock, as he is fondly called, is feared even among his compatriots in the army. He is often described as a man with an intemperate rage – a behaviour that occasionally puts him in troubled waters. And if not for his affinity to the powers that be, he could have been dismissed from the army and sent to prison for the brutal murder of Kargbo’s father and younger brother.

Capt. Kock had gone to Kargbo’s family home at Brookfields on April 30 2014 to settle the score between him and Ibrahim who was accused of deflowering Kock’s daughter three days earlier. Christiana, 17, had been dating Ibrahim since June 2013.

Though Ibrahim’s father, a war-wounded amputee, was not oblivious of his son’s romance with Kock’s daughter, he was however reluctant to heed several warnings and threats made by Capt. Kock.

As though killing father and son was not enough, Kock reportedly contrived the quarantining of Ibrahim’s mother, thinking that the run-away boy will finally show up this time round.

Rumors have it that he [Kock] called 117 and reported that the poor widow was exhibiting signs and symptoms of Ebola. But lab tests proved otherwise. She was instead diagnosed with tuberculosis, an ailment she has been living with for almost a decade.

Kock’s relentless chase after Ibrahim Kargbo seems unstoppable. Running afoul of the law by going after the boy who took away her teen’s virginity could not attract much of a public scorn, but getting away with murder could stir up rebellion against “injustice”.

Those who have attempted to take up Kargbo’s murder case have either been assaulted by thugs loyal to Kock or in extreme cases forced to hands off the matter. Investigation continues…

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