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On the 18 Agust, 2021. The League of Democracy Advocates (LODA) held a Press Conference addressing journalists at the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists’s Hall situated at Camble Street. In the press briefing, the Executive Director Ibrahim Sorie Dumbuya read out the press statement to all attendees, Press Statement that borders on Mohammed Alie Ngegba’s human rights. The Press Conference was for the sole purpose of Mahamed Alie Ngegba human rights violations which led him to on exile since 2012.


18AUGUST, 2021


The LEAGUE OF DEMOCRACY ADVOCATES (LODA) is a registered organization incorporated under the national laws of Sierra Leone for legitimate operations. This organization comprises of Human Rights Lawyers, Democracy Defenders, Human /Civil Right Advocates and Professionals from all facets of lives. One of its many mandates is to advocate for the Rule of Law,Human Rights and its due process.

The organization has been monitoring and investigating the unlawful political harassmentbeing exhibited against MOHAMED ALIE NGEGBA by the Sierra LeonePeople’s party who forms the present government of Sierra Leone headed by President Julius Mada Bio. This ugly development started since 2012, when MOHAMED ALIE NGEGBA exercised his fundamental human political rights by defecting from Sierra Leone People’s Party who happens to be the government of the country to AllPeoples congress Party (APC), who happens to be opposition party. This right of Freedom of Association is specifically guaranteed pursuant to Section 26 of the Sierra Leone National Constitution, for this act of Mohamed AlieNgegba, the Government deems it to be a crimeformulating compounded several other charges of Theft and destructions of property belonging to the Sierra Leone People’s Party, on these grounds the SierraLeone Police issued a warrant of arrest dated this year 2021 against Mohamed AlieNgegba. Upon the investigations of the organization, LODA takes consideration of the followings;

  1. That his fundamental human right has been violated pursuant to Chapter Three, ranging from Sec. 15 to 30of sierra Leone national constitutions which requires protections and recognition of his fundamental human rights
  2. That his fundamental human rights under the universal declaration of human rights have been violated by the government.
  3. That all human rights treaties Sierra Leone signed to which guarantee ones rights have been grosslytrespassed, undermined and violated by Sierra Leone government against MOHAMED NGEGBA ALIE
  4. That MOHAMED ALIE NGEGBA is nowhere to be seen within the republic of Sierra Leone due to unlawful human rights violations meted against him.
  5. That the organisation is worried about Mohamed AlieNgegbawhereabouts
  6. That the said issued warrant against MOHAMED ALIE NGEGBAis deemed unlawful
  7. That Mohamed AlieNgegba was a peaceful and law abiding Citizen of Sierra Leone

However, our organization condemns all forms of human rights violations meted against MOHAMED ALIE NGEGBA for exercising his fundamental human rights of Freedom of Association.

The organization is in possession of the followings;

  1. Evidence of the said warrant issued against Mohamed AlieNgegba 2021
  2. Records of Mohamed Alie Ngegba not in the Republic of Sierra Leone since 2012
  3.  Evidence that the allegations against him are malicious and politically motivated
  4. Evidence that an attempted murder was exhibited on him

LODA is still monitoring the situation and calls on the government to drop all unlawful chargers against MOHAMED ALIE NGBAGBE and continue to recognize and protect his fundamental human rights.


Ibrahim SorieDumbuya

Executive Director

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