As at yesterday , Thursday, 8th September, 2022, the Pan Africa Rare Mining Company Sierra Leone Limited, paid its second Surface rents to start the mining of Coltan in three chiefdoms – Nimikoro, Nimiyama and Sandor in the diamondferous District of Kono in the East of Sierra Leone.

The surface rent in the tune of Le 1.4 Billion was graciously received by traditional authorities and Stakeholders on behalf of the chiefdom members.

In view of the above, it is glaring that the Pan Africa Rare Metal Company Sierra Leone Limited had completed payment for the mining of Coltan in the three chiefdoms of Nimikoro, Nimiyama and Sandor.

With this development, it goes without saying that the mining of Coltan in the diamond rich District of Kono is first of its kind since the discovery of diamonds in the District. The beginning of the mining of Coltan is therefore a landmark and a turning point in Kono District since its the first ever to commence and for which we lauds the Pan Africa Rare Mining Company Sierra Leone Limited for the initiative and investment.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leone is endow with precious minerals of which
Coltan is one.

It will interest you to know that Coltan is a dull black metal used in the manufacturing of mobile phones, cameras, personal computers among others.

In light of the above, the begining of the mining and of Coltan in the Kono District is expected to start in the three chiefdoms of Nimikoro, Nimiyama, and Sandor by the Pan African Rare Metals Mining company Limited. Once its operations begins , it will be of great benefit to the indigenes and residents of the three chiefdom and Limited to the payment of surface but will exponentially reduce unemployment , give jobs and promote development and micro-economics activities among the people.

Meanwhile,  to enhance the relevance of the Operations of the Pan African Rare Metals Mining company Limited in line with the fulfilment of the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009, the company has assured authorities that they will continue to pay their surface rent in the three chiefdoms in Kono.

In his brief statement in respect of the surface rent, the Hon PC Aiah Bona of Nimikoro  Chiefdom stressed that the company has brought massive infrastructural and financial development in his chiefdom.

He further stated that the people of his chiefdom are overwhelmed and gratified with such a remarkable investment venture.

On their part, the people of Nimiyama Chiefdom also expressed their extreme happiness for having such a huge investment in their chiefdom as it will help to boost their source of livelihood and development of young people, who would be gainfully employed.

He informed the audience that the mining of Coltan will engender sustainable development not just in his chiefdom but in the country as a whole. The same sentiments were expressed by indigenes of Sandor District.

As the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Kenei Lamin asserted that the government is committed to creating the enabling environment for the private sector investments boom. He cautiously encouraged residents of the three chiefdoms to work with closely with the company for the benefit of both the district and the country as a whole.

In his statement, the Pan African Mining Company Limited, CEO, Fassally Tawarally, opined that the company will work assiduously to continue the payment of surface rent for mining rights in all
three chiefdoms and will ensure that the company build the capacity of their workers to form part of the workforce from the three chiefdoms.

The people of Kono perceived the coming of Pan African Metals Company as a means to bolster the country’s economy and forestall growth in the mining sector following the shutdown of other mining companies in recent times.

The company is poised to create massive employment opportunities for young people, particularly for those in the areas of operations.

It would be recalled that since the mining of diamonds began in the 1930s in the Kono District, there had been no tangible impact and development in the District but with the company, there would be a turning point in the history of mining in Kono District.

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